Where is the town of Katwijk in the Netherlands?

Katwijk (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈkɑtʋɛik] ( listen)) is a coastal municipality and town in the province of South Holland, which is situated in the mid-western part of the Netherlands. The Oude Rijn (“Old Rhine”) river flows through the town and into the North Sea.

Is there a bus from Rijnsburg to Katwijk?

Additionally, Rijnsburg and the far northeastern part of Katwijk-Noord are served by bus 20 and 21, running between Noordwijk and Leiden. Peak hour buses connect industrial zones with surrounding municipalities. Katwijk is a seaside resort with a wide sandy beach. Its attractiveness is mainly due to its laid-back atmosphere.

What did Katwijk aan Zee do in World War 2?

Katwijk aan Zee was a fishing town and Katwijk aan den Rijn had an agricultural character. During World War II, Katwijk aan Zee was heavily damaged. On 1 May 1942 beach access was no longer permitted and large scale evacuation took place. From October 1943 houses were demolished as part of the construction of the Atlantic Wall.

When did Rijnsburg and Valkenburg merge into Katwijk?

On 1 January 2006, Rijnsburg and Valkenburg were also merged into the municipality, it’s called nowadays Katwijk. NZH Blue tram at the Rijnstraat on a celebrational heritage service, over 60 years after the abolishment of the interlocal tramway in and around Katwijk.

Why was Katwijk important to the Roman Empire?

History. The Dutch word ” wijk ” means “area”, so the name probably meant something like “the Chatti area”. In Romans times, Katwijk was a place of strategic importance. It was located at the Roman Empire ‘s northern border, at the mouth of the Rhine river, which in Roman times was larger in this area than it is today.