Which Barbie dolls are worth money?

Barbie Dolls Now Worth a Fortune

  • Barbie Dolls Now Worth a Fortune.
  • Totally Hair Barbie.
  • Bob Mackie Starlight Splendor Barbie.
  • Ferrari Barbie.
  • Monique Lhuillier Bride Barbie (Gold Label)
  • Barbie as Athena.
  • Pink Splendor Barbie.
  • Queen Elizabeth I Barbie.

What is the most valuable Barbie doll?

The most expensive Barbie doll in history is the Stefani Canturi Barbie, valued at a mind boggling $302,500. This highly prized collectible was manufactured in 2010 with elegant blonde hair and the traditional Barbie features. There are two things that make this Barbie so very special.

Are holiday Barbies worth collecting?

As we said above, rarer holiday barbies are worth a bit more than common holiday barbies. The most valuable holiday Barbies are from the years 1988-1992….The Year Your Doll Was Made Determines It’s Value.

Holiday Barbie Years Holiday Barbie Value Range
2003, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013 $70- $100

What is the 1988 Holiday Barbie worth?

$450 to $650
Based on my research, values for a mint in the box 1988 Holiday Barbie range from $450 to $650, a 1989 Holiday Barbie from $125 to $150, and a 1990 Holiday Barbie from $65 to $100.

Are there any Barbie I Love Lucy dolls?

NIB Mattel Barbie I Love Lucy Doll- Cuban Outfit Episode 3 Be A Pal. Collectors! BARBIE I LOVE LUCY L. A. AT LAST! DOLL COLLECTOR EDITION B1078 NRFB 10 product ratings – BARBIE I LOVE LUCY L. A. AT LAST!

How much is a Mademoiselle Barbie doll worth?

Rare qualities in La Belle Époque Barbie include that it be signed by Robert Best. After all, this very doll was part of a limited series made exclusively for those who attended the Paris Fashion Doll Festival in 2012. Mademoiselle is today valued at $1,395. Release Year: 1996. Hip, American, and chic all the way.

How much is a 30 th anniversary Barbie doll worth?

The doll was given as a gift to all attendees at the anniversary celebration held at Lincoln Centre; invitation-only. The sheer timelessness captured in this doll is self-revealing. The limited edition (has to be in mint condition) 30 th anniversary version of the Pink Jubilee Barbie Doll is today valued at $3,200.

How can I Sell my I Love Lucy doll?

Visit eBay, the online auction site (see Resources). From the list of “All Categories,” select “Dolls & Bears.” Type the name of your “I Love Lucy” series doll in the search box. Finally, select the “Auctions Only” tab to see how much your particular doll is being sold for at auction. This will give you a snapshot of its current market value.