Which game we can play on WhatsApp?

Antakshari is already a popular game played among friends and family. However, Antakshari over WhatsApp is slightly different. Here you will need to write the lyrics instead of singing it. Well, there’s an option to record and send voice notes, but that might not be as interesting as texts.

Can you play games over text?

Texting games can be a fun way to keep up with friends or a great way to spice up an ongoing conversation. From fun games to play over text with friends to love games to play over text with your boyfriend, the best texting games will keep you entertained for days.

How can I play with my girlfriend on WhatsApp?

It is fun to keep a game going, and you can have a lot of fun too.

  1. 1 Kiss, Marry, Kill.
  2. 2 20 Questions.
  3. 3 Funny Picture Challenge.
  4. 4 Guess the Lyric/Line.
  5. 5 Name Trivia Challenge.
  6. 6 Truth or Dare.
  7. 7 Would you rather ….
  8. 8 Be your Muses.

Which game can I play with my boyfriend on WhatsApp?

Have a look at our list of fun games to play on chat!

  • Fill In The Blanks. Find yourself a guy who finishes your sentences, not your fries.
  • Truth Or Dare.
  • Would You Rather.
  • Celebrity Friendship.
  • 20 Questions.
  • Story Builder/Story Time.
  • Emoji Translation.
  • Never Have I Ever.

How can I play dare games on WhatsApp?

25 best WhatsApp dares and challenges

  1. Guess the movie name. To start off this list we have a quite classic one: guess the movie name!
  2. Number dare 1. In this dare you will ask a friend to send you a number from one to 10.
  3. 3. Japanese language.
  4. Mistake dare.
  5. Alphabet dare 1.
  6. Number dare 2.
  7. Relationship dare.
  8. Alphabet dare 2.

How do I make texting fun?

Keep your texts upbeat and fun. Instead, focus on the positive things in your life and show some enthusiasm about whatever topic you’re discussing. Avoid using words repetitively. It’s hard to have an interesting conversation when you get the same old, monotone replies every time: “Lol”, “Ah”, “Wow”, “Oh”, etc.

How do you play emoji on text?

How to play: Send a series of emojis that hides a secret message and have the recipient guess what you mean. Once they guess correctly, it’s their turn to send emojis. It is especially fun now that there are new emojis to use.

How do you greet a girl on WhatsApp?

Start by asking her how she’s doing. The first time you message her, start by saying something like “Hey, how’s it going?” You could also ask what she’s up to or how her day has been. Starting a conversation by asking her a question can make it more likely she’ll say something in response.

How do you entertain someone on chat?

Ask questions about her, but don’t overdo it.

  1. For example, if you’ve been talking a lot about her for the last few text messages, try changing the conversation to one of your shared interests and talk about that for a while.
  2. Feel free to talk about yourself too!

How can I entertain my boyfriend over the phone?

When you’re talking to someone you like on the phone, give them compliments, like “Listening to your voice on the phone is like listening to a great piece of music.” Be romantic, and talk about things you’d like to see or do together. You can also tell a story about how you saw something that reminded you of them.

What should I text my boyfriend when bored?

If you want to talk to your partner for no reason at all, here are some good conversational pretenses to text them about:

  • Start Some Astrology Talk.
  • Plan Your Next Vacation.
  • Share What You’re Listening To.
  • Tell Them What’s Going On Around You.
  • Give Them A Book Recommendation.
  • Share Your Next Money-Making Scheme.

What’s the best game for Dirty texting on WhatsApp?

One of you begins by writing a “Would you rather” question in the chat, such as “Would you rather never have sex or never use the Internet again?”. The other players then answer which option they would choose. Even if no option appeals to you, you have to choose the lesser evil.

Are there puzzles, games and Dare messages in WhatsApp?

These witty WhatsApp Puzzles & dare messages will keep your WhatsApp friends stunned and they will also love to solve and forward them to some other friends. Sharing is caring after all. So, scroll down to find out best WhatsApp Puzzles, WhatsApp Quiz, WhatsApp Games and WhatsApp Dare Messages.

How do you play a game on WhatsApp?

On the floor. To play through Whatsapp requires that one of the participants send the other a question of general interest to the other. The other person will try to answer the question. One variation may be to allow you to search for the answer on the web in the shortest time possible.

Which is the best WhatsApp puzzles and games?

Sharing is caring after all. So, scroll down to find out best WhatsApp Puzzles, WhatsApp Quiz, WhatsApp Games and WhatsApp Dare Messages. Scroll below to see best whatsapp quiz questions with answers.