Which is a popular Klingon battle cry?

A fan dressed as a Klingon arrives at the movie premiere of “Star Trek Into Darkness” in Berlin. Trekkies looking to translate the famous Klingon battle cry Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam! — or any other phrase from the fictional alien race’s language — will soon have a new tool at their disposal.

What does yea WA kapla mean in Klingon?

Edit. Qapla’ is thlIngan Hol (Klingon) for “Success”. As a phrase, it works along the lines of “Have a nice day.”, ” Good luck.”, or “Ya’ll come back now, hear?”. (

What do you say when a Klingon dies?

Sto’Vo’Kor is similar to Valhalla of Earth’s Viking culture. The honored dead are not mourned, but celebrated. The eyes of a dead warrior are opened, and all fellow Klingons present roar to tell the warriors in Sto’Vo’Kor that the warrior is joining them.

What is the Klingon word for honor?

ST reference: Klingon for the Galactic Traveler, TNG – The Brave and the Bold, Book Two novella: The Final Artifact) quv tlhIngan Hol referring to the concept of honor. It can be used either as a noun (“honor”) or as a verb (“be honored”). (

How do you say hi in Klingon?

We don’t do greetings in Klingon. If you feel the urge to say hello to someone, say nuqneH.

What does Patak mean in Klingon?

From the Klingon language wiki “P’takh (petaQ) is a Klingon insult, meaning something like “weirdo,” deriving from the verb “to be weird” (taQ), with and [sic] you (plural) imperative prefix (pe-). Alternative romanizations include pahtak, p’tak, patahk, and pahtk.”

How do you say shut up in Klingon?

bIjatlh ‘e’ yImev – “Shut up” Sometimes you just want to end the conversation or argument.

Is Klingon difficult to learn?

Fictional languages like Klingon are deliberately designed not to be easy and familiar, but difficult and very different. It also makes Klingon, still a growing language, fairly difficult to master, much less generate true native speakers.

Does Google translate to Klingon?

Google is a well-known internet search engine that is availiable in Klingon (1). What not everyone realizes is that it takes Klingon-speaking volunteers to translate and type the Klingon.

How do you say hello in Klingon?

A collection of useful phrases in Klingon, a constructed language created by the linguist Marc Okrand for the Star Trek films….Useful phrases in Klingon.

English tlhIngan Hol (Klingon)
Hello (General greeting) nuqneH () (‘What do you want?’) – general ‘greeting’ used when confronted by another)

Is it worth it to learn Klingon?

Is the language even practically useful? You may find it hard to believe, but Klingon can actually supply a valuable skill and a worthwhile endeavor for many people. We can give many reasons to learn Klingon; the language represents a personal endeavor and as such does not hold the same value for every person.