Which large cap fund is best?

The following table shows the top large cap funds as per the past 3-year and 5-year returns:

Mutual fund 5 Yr. Returns
Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund – Direct Plan – Growth 17.8%
Axis Bluechip Fund 17.76%
SBI Blue Chip Fund – Direct Plan – Growth 14.88%
Invesco India Largecap Fund – Direct Plan – Growth 16.17%

Which large cap fund is best for 2021?

Best Large Cap Mutual Funds to Invest in 2021

Scheme Name (Absolute (%) CAGR (%)
ICICI Pru Bluechip Fund 12.56 14.66
Kotak Bluechip Fund 16.19 15.47
BNP Paribas Large Cap Fund 15.98 16.04
UTI Mastershare 18.05 14.58

Is it good to invest in large cap funds?

They are a good option for investors with a relatively lower risk appetite and a long-term investment horizon. According to SEBI, large-cap companies fall in the top 100 of the list of companies according to market capitalization. Hence, investing in these companies is considered to be less risky and steady.

Which is best Bluechip fund?

Canara Robeco Bluechip Equity Fund.

  • IDBI India Top 100 Equity Fund.
  • Axis Bluechip Fund.
  • Kotak Bluechip Fund.
  • BNP Paribas Large Cap Fund.
  • SBI Bluechip Fund.
  • LIC MF Large Cap Fund.
  • Invesco India Largecap Fund.
  • Who should invest in large cap?

    Large-cap equity funds are suitable for individuals who have a long-term investment horizon. Usually, the fund experiences a lot of underperformance during the period of the market slump, which averages out in the long-run of more than seven years to give returns in the range of 10%-12%.

    What is Axis Blue Chip Fund?

    Axis Bluechip Fund is an open-ended equity scheme predominantly investing in large cap stocks. Such companies are traded frequently and hence comparatively liquid and also less volatile as these stocks have proven track record, business models and capable enough to deliver long term consistent returns.

    Is SIP better or lump sum?

    A systematic investment plan (SIP) is the most convenient way of investing in mutual funds. By opting to invest via an SIP, you eliminate the need to have a lump sum to get started with your mutual fund investment. Through an SIP, you can invest a small sum on a regular basis into the mutual fund scheme of your choice.

    What are the best large cap growth funds?

    VictoryShares U.S. Large Cap High Dividend Volatility Weighted Index ETF (CDL) is the top-rated Large Cap Growth ETF and Guinness Atkinson Global Innovators Fund (GINNX) is the top-rated Large Cap Growth mutual fund. CDL earns an Attractive rating and GINNX earns a Very Attractive rating.

    What is the best large cap value mutual fund?

    The First Trust Rising Dividend Achiever ETF (RDVY) is the top-rated Large Cap Value ETF and the Deutsche Investment CROCI U.S. Fund (DCURX) is the top-rated Large Cap Value mutual fund. Both earn a Very Attractive rating.

    What is the best aggressive growth fund?

    With one of the widest selections of mutual funds in the industry, Fidelity offers some of the best aggressive growth stock funds: Fidelity Low-Priced Stock (FLPSX): If you want to consider another outstanding aggressive mid-cap stock fund, take a close look at FLPSX.

    What are the best growth stock mutual funds?

    Best Growth Stock Mutual Funds. Among the top five award winning growth funds, Primecap Odyssey Aggressive Growth (POAGX) tops the list with one- and 10-year average returns of 33.59% and 15.06%, respectively.