Who is Alison Chapman married to?

Andrew Chapman
She married her partner of five years, Andrew Chapman, in May 2006 after proposing to him on air on Children in Need day in 2005. She retired from the BBC in January 2007. After a year at home, and bored with just waiting to die, she accidentally got freelance work at the then recently launched 106 Jack FM.

Is Tim Hogarth from dickinsons Real Deal married?

Tim met and married his wife Nicola Through the antique business they married in 1995 and had there only child a girl Hester in 2001.

Who are the dealers on Dickinson’s deal?

Today the Real Deal team are in Shrewsbury. David Dickinson is joined by dealers David Ford, Cheryl Hakeney, Michael Hogben and Cheryl Brown.

Is Karen Dalmeny married?

While Karen is known on our screens not much is known of her life away from the TV. The antiques expert is said to be married although she has not spoken publicly of a husband. Karen has one daughter, who she shares updates of on social media.

Is Alys a Dobbie?

Meet our newest Antiques Diva Guide, Alys Dobbie – she’s an antique and vintage dealer, wearer and endorser as well as being the newest Diva on our team, leading tours in London at the Portobello Flea Market!

Who is Karen on Dickinson’s Real Deal?

Karen Dalmeny
Antiques dealers Karen Dalmeny is a familiar face on the antiques fairs circuit, including regular stints at Sunbury Antiques Market at Kempton Park racecourse, and known to fans of ITV’s Secret Dealers and Dickinson’s Real Deal.

Who is Timmy on Real Deal?

Tim Hogarth
Tim Hogarth – ITV Antiques Expert.

How old is Tony Geering?

Geering, 36, is a self-taught spotter of Arts and Crafts furniture, the style whose most famous exponent is William Morris. Until the age of 25, Geering was an engineer on oil rigs.

Where is the next Dickinson’s Real Deal 2021?

Dickinson’s Real Deal is coming to Cheltenham Racecourse on Saturday 31 July 2021, giving Gloucestershire locals the chance to cash in on their antiques.

What is the most expensive item sold on Dickinson’s Real Deal?

The medals were auctioned on Friday in London, surpassing the £8,000 to £12,000 estimation with a £17,000 sale – making it the highest ever sale on Dickinson’s Real Deal in the six years it has been on air.

Who is Alice Dobbie?

She is a specialist in civil fraud, negligence and costs. Her multi-track work includes clinical negligence, personal injury, insurance disputes, credit hire, costs litigation and CICA claims.

Who is Alys Dobbie?

Alys Dobbie, manager of the Brighton shop, said: “This is fantastic news. Many of our customers have shopped with us from day one and this award is a great recognition of customer loyalty.” Nanadobbie also provides original mid-century props for hire for TV, film and production companies as well as magazines.

How does the show Dickinson’s Real Deal work?

The shows are recorded at UK venues to which members of the public are invited to bring their antiques and collectables. Independent valuers estimate the value of these items. The items are then passed to the dealers, who make their own valuation and try to purchase them by placing a cash offer on the table.

Who is Tim Hogarth from Dickinson’s Real Deal?

Tim Hogarth is the antique expert and dealer on the ITV’s hit show, Dickinson’s Real Deal since January 2009. He still is a member of the show. He still is a member of the show. He has a Twitter account with over 15k followers.

Who is the antiques dealer on David Dickinson?

David Dickinson is known all-over for his signature look. The quiff, the tan and the all-important suit all scream ‘antiques dealer’. And if there’s an orange hue coming from the TV, you know what show is on. It’s Dickinson’s Real Deal, of course!

How many children does Tim from Dickinson Real Deal have?

Talking about their children, Tim Hogarth and Nicola have one daughter, Hester, who was born in 2001. The family is based in Bradford, England. Tim Hogarth is the antique expert and dealer on the ITV’s hit show, Dickinson’s Real Deal since January 2009. He still is a member of the show.