Who is Miss Alaska 2018?

Brooke Johnson

Year Name Hometown
2019 JoEllen Walters Eagle River
2018 Brooke Johnson Anchorage
2017 Alyssa London Anchorage
2016 Ariane Audett Anchorage

Who won Miss Alaska 2016?

Kendall Bautista was crowned as Miss Alaska 2016 at the state finale held on June 3′ 2016 at University of Anchorage Alaska.

Who was Miss Alaska?


Year Name Notes
2019–20 Maile Johnston
2018 Courtney Schuman
2017 Angelina Klapperich Previously Miss Alaska’s Outstanding Teen 2010 Contestant at National Sweetheart 2013 pageant
2016 Kendall Bautista Previously Miss Alaska USA 2014

Who was the first Miss Alaska?

Stuart Johnson
Written By: Bill Syken. In 1958, with her home state about to be admitted to the Union (which it was, on Jan. 3, 1959) a 19-year-old woman, Stuart Johnson, from the Juneau area was named the first Miss Alaska and earned a spot in the Miss America pageant. In this bit of history a publicity agent saw an opportunity.

Who won Mrs Alaska 2020?

Melisa Behrendt
Our newly crowned Mrs. Alaska America is Melisa Behrendt, wife of Josh Behrendt. Melisa leads an outreach ministry to military families. They make their home on JBER and have been married 16 years and have two daughters.

Who won Miss Alabama 2021?

Lauren Bradford
On June 12 2021, Lauren Bradford competed as Miss Jefferson County and was crowned Miss Alabama 2021. In December, Bradford will represent Alabama and showcase her violin talent at the Miss America 2022 pageant.

How do you become Miss Iowa?

In order to compete for Miss Iowa, you must be at least 17 years old and cannot be over 25 years old before December 31st in the year you hope to compete. In addition, you must reside, work, or attend school in Iowa. You also need to be awarded a preliminary title from a local competition.

Who won Miss Arkansas USA 2020?

Haley Rose Pontius

Year Name Age
2020 Haley Rose Pontius 23
2019 Savannah Skidmore 23
2018 Lauren Weaver 21
2017 Arynn Johnson 19

Is there a Mrs America pageant?

America Pageant is a beauty competition that was established to honor married women throughout the United States of America. These state events are under the direction of Mrs. America state directors.

Who is the new Miss Alabama 2021?

Is Miss Alabama black?

Chapman became the first African American to be named Miss Alabama. As Miss Alabama, her activities included public appearances across the state of Alabama, including hosting regional beauty pageants and speaking to student and civic groups. Chapman remains the only African-American to have ever been Miss Alabama.

Who is the current Miss Alaska United States?

The current Miss Alaska USA titleholder is JoEllen Walters of Eagle River.

How long has the Mrs Alaska America pageant been on?

Mrs. Alaska America Pageant since 1997. For over 42 years the Mrs. Alaska America Pageant has been the “PREMIER” Pageant for married women. Find out why!

Who was Miss Alaska in 1985 and 1986?

Miss Alaska. Miss Alaska 1984, Maryline Blackburn, pursued a career in music and has received critical acclaim as a recording artist. [citation needed] Miss Alaskas 1985 and 1986 went on to establish successful careers in modeling: Jerri Morrison as a plus-size model, most recognizable for her catalog work for Nordstrom and JC Penney,…