Who is the most powerful in NORN9?

In the series, it is revealed that Koharu is one of the strongest ability user. Out of all the Heroines in the game and anime, Koharu is the only character without a surname.

Is NORN9 anime worth watching?

overall its a good anime. the many characters for this anime fit perfectly with the plot to make it what it is. Senri being my favourite. but don’t get me wrong, the characters will leave you watching the show in a day.

Who does Mikoto end up with NORN9?

Mikoto Kuga
Race Ability user
Relatives Unnamed grandfather Unnamed parents Natsuhiko Azuma (husband;Last Era route only) Sakuya Nijou (husband;Last Era route only) Unnamed son (with Natsuhiko;in Last Era route) Unnamed daughter (with Sakuya;in Last Era route)
Ability Creating force fields and barriers

What kind of anime is NORN9?


NORN9 ノルン+ノネット (NORN9 Norun+Nonetto)
Genre Otome game
Platform PlayStation Vita
Released April 2, 2015
Anime television series

What did Nanami take from Akito?

Nanami grabs Akito’s sleeves and says that what did she do to have such a nice dream of Akito saving her, but he tells her that it isn’t a dream. Nanami wakes up from the dream and Akito rushes in to her room.

What happens at the end of Norn9?

In the good end, Ron and nanami become lvoers, with Senri coming to visit and asking her if she’s happy. Epilogue. The epilogue is about Aion and Sorata, and it is revealed that her creator was also named Sorata, and this shota Sorata is his descendant.

Who is the main protagonist in norn9?

Sorata Suzuhara
Sorata Suzuhara (鈴原 空汰 Suzuhara Sorata) is the protagonist in the prologue and epilogue story only. He is an elementary school student and the ancestor of Natsuhiko Azuma who was later revealed to be the creator of Aion.

Does Norn9 have a sad ending?

Tragic Ending In the bad end, Koharu didn’t make a move to prevent Kakeru from killing Nanami. So Nanami ends up getting pierced through by Kakeru’s greens. Kakeru says that his work is done here and left Koharu with his father. No matter how much Koharu pleads Kakeru not to leave, Kakeru continues to walk away.