Who is the owner of Park Chinois?

Alan Yau OBE
Alan Yau

Alan Yau OBE
Occupation Entrepreneur, restaurateur
Years active 1992–present
Known for Wagamama, Hakkasan, Busaba Eathai, Yauatcha, Princi, Park Chinois, Babaji, Softchow
Title CEO of Softchow

Who is the founder of Wagamama?

Alan Yau

Who created Hakkasan?

Alan Yau grew to become one of the most influential chefs and restaurant entrepreneurs in London, creating not only the brand Hakkasan, but also Yauatcha (another Hakkasan Group venue) and Wagamama. Alan Yau founded and opened Hakkasan Hanway Place in 2001 and kicked off the legacy that exists today.

Is there a minimum spend at Park Chinois?

Yes, each space has its own minimum spend, to discuss this, please contact: [email protected] or call +44 (0) 20 3327 8888. Can you host Private Events at Park Chinois?

Who owns Novikov?

The bar and restaurant is owned by Russian entrepreneur Arkady Novikov – a personal friend of Vladimir Putin. Novikov, 55, owns over 50 restaurants, including four in London, opening Novikov Restaurant & Bar in 2012.

Is Wagamama owned by Mcdonald’s?

Wagamama (stylised as wagamama) is a British restaurant chain, serving Asian food based on Japanese cuisine….Wagamama.

Type Private
Number of locations 150+
Area served Global
Key people Thomas Heier (CEO)
Owner The Restaurant Group

Who is the CEO of Wagamama?

Emma Woods (Dec 2018–)
Wagamama CEO Emma Woods has confirmed she plans to step down to pursue her non-executive career and hand over to her internally-appointed successor, Thomas Heier.

Which is the original Hakkasan?

Hakkasan Hanway Place
Description: Hakkasan Hanway Place is the original Hakkasan restaurant. This Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant designed by Christian Liaigre has recreated the luxurious glamour of the past by combining Chinese history, tradition and architecture.

Which Hakkasan is better in London?

MICHELIN Guide’s Point Of View Like so many things in life, the original is usually always the best. Having wowed London when it first opened, this, the very first Hakkasan before they spread around the world, continues to offer a great night out, thanks to its moody, sensual looks and glamorous, energetic atmosphere.

Are children allowed in Park Chinois?

Do you have any age restrictions? Yes. Club Chinois is strictly 18 years and above. Please note that under 18’s are only permitted within Salon de Chine.

What is Salon de chine?

Salon de Chine is a stylish party venue for hire in Mayfair. Beyond the red doors, in the heart of Mayfair, a stone’s throw from the famous Berkeley Square lies an opulent hideaway for bold Chinese cuisine, crafted cocktails and thrilling entertainment. Chinese dining in extraordinary surroundings.

Why is Alan Yau interested in Park Chinois?

“Park Chinois is old-school values versus new money; champagne rather than vodka. This is about Alan Yau becoming older,” he says. That afternoon, amid the paper piles in his Soho office, Yau shows me the architectural plans for Park Chinois, an idea that has been in the planning for years.

Who are the restaurateurs behind Park Chinois?

What is certain is that Park Chinois will be scrutinised as closely as all Yau’s other projects. In the league of great London restaurateurs such as Chris Corbin and Jeremy King — the pair behind The Delaunay and The Wolseley among others — Yau stands out for his eclectic flair: one project a Turkish pizza joint, the next a Chinese gastropub.

When did Alan Yau start his restaurant business?

Alan Yau started his career in 1992 founding Wagamama and was appointed an OBE in the 2006 New Year Honour’s List for services to the restaurant industry. Following that, Alan founded numerous ventures in gastronomy such as Hakkasan (awarded a Michelin Star in 2003), Yauatcha (awarded Michelin star in 2005) and Park Chinois.

Is the Park Chinois in Mayfair still open?

Park Chinois brings its vibrant and convivial world alive with the very best in Chinese dining and experiential moments from chef to show. Park Chinois’ doors have officially re-opened and what a show we have planned.