Who is Zoe in the The Menagerie?

Zoe Kahn is a 12-year-old female human, and one of the main protagonists of The Menagerie trilogy. She and her family run the Wyoming Menagerie.

Who is the main character in the book the Menagerie?

This is what Zoe Kahn has to go through every day. In The Menagerie, the first book in a new series by sisters Tui and Kari Sutherland, Zoe and her family are the latest in a centuries-old line who secretly protect a collection of mythical creatures—dragons, kelpies, mermaids, woolly mammoths and more.

What is the menagerie book about?

The Menagerie2013
The Menagerie #2: Dragon on Trial2014The Menagerie #3: Krakens and Lies2015
Menagerie Series/Books

How many chapters are in the menagerie?

34 chapters
The Menagerie is the shortest book in the trilogy, at 272 pages. The Menagerie has the most chapters of the trilogy, at 34 chapters long.

Is Xanadu Wyoming real?

Xanadu is a fictional town that much of The Menagerie series takes place in.

Will there be a book 15 of Wings of Fire?

The Flames of Hope (Wings of Fire, Book 15) Hardcover – April 5, 2022. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. The #1 New York Times bestselling series is hotter than ever, and this thrilling conclusion to the Lost Continent Prophecy arc is a must-read!

What happened to INEJ at the menagerie?

Inej suffers severe trauma at the Menagerie, which is referred to in the books as the “House of Exotics.” People who are held at the Menagerie are forced to get a tattoo of a peacock feather, which Inej scrapes off the moment Kaz pays off Heleen to end her indenture, thereby freeing her.

Does INEJ marry Kaz?

-They do eventually get married, though it’s a considerable number of years after the duology (I’m thinking 10+). It’s also not the ridiculously romantic thing that most people think it is. Kaz just says one day, “You know we could get married.” And Inej is like, “Okay.” And then they just go and do it.

Why is Zoe Kahn stressed in the menagerie?

Zoe is often portrayed as stressed, due to her hard work at the Wyoming Menagerie. The griffins have therefore dubbed her “Worry-Cub”, probably due to her almost-constant state of stress at a young age. She is quite adventurous, willing to go to several potentially dangerous places.

What kind of hair does Zoe Kahn have?

She and her family run the Wyoming Menagerie . Zoe is described as having chin-length red-brown hair that is tucked behind her ears, and a green flannel shirt that was buttoned wrong . Zoe is often portrayed as stressed, due to her hard work at the Wyoming Menagerie.

Where did Zoe Kahn find Flurp’s feather in the menagerie?

Logan offers to check the cafeteria for her. Zoe and Blue search Xanadu after school and find Flurp’s feather by the library. They go inside, meeting Jasmin Sterling as they investigate. Arnold Sterling also appears, mentioning the feathers and how he hopes to identify them, stressing out Zoe.