Who said Book it Danno?

James MacArthur, an actor best known for portraying Detective Danny “Danno” Williams on the original “Hawaii Five-0,” the TV series that turned “Book ’em, Danno” into a national catchphrase, has died. He was 72.

Did Steve McGarrett say Book em Danno?

Context. This line is spoken by Steve McGarrett, played by Jack Lord, in the TV show Hawaii Five-O (1968-1980).

Where did the saying Book em Danno come from?

“Book-em Danno”, from the tv police drama Hawaii Five-O, the signature expression uttered by the character of Steve McGarrett (played by Jack Lord) to sidekick Danny Williams (played by James MacArthur), usually at the end of each episode when the criminals had been apprehended.

What does Book it Danno mean?

The original run of Hawaii 5-0 was a record-breaking 12 years, and the reruns will probably go on forever. People all over the world were all saying the McGarrett catchphrase, “Book ’em, Danno. Murder One.” The very name 5-0 has become synonymous with cops in urban street jargon.

What does book em mean?

“Hookem and Bookem” means handcuffing someone and booking them. In police slang, the term “hookem and bookem” means handcuffing someone and booking them into the system. This is similar to the famous catchphrase “Book ’em, Danno!” from “Hawaii Five-O.”

What was Hawaii 5 0 based on?

Hawaii Five-0 (2010 TV series)

Hawaii Five-0
Genre Police procedural Action Drama
Based on Hawaii Five-O by Leonard Freeman
Developed by Peter M. Lenkov Alex Kurtzman Roberto Orci

In what TV show did Steve McGarrett say Book em Danno?

Hawaii Five-O
Most episodes of Hawaii Five-O ended with the arrest of criminals and McGarrett snapping, “Book ’em.” The offense occasionally was added after this phrase, for example, “Book ’em, murder one.” In many episodes, this was directed to Danny “Danno” Williams and became McGarrett’s catchphrase: “Book ’em, Danno.”

What does Book em mean?

What is a deuce in police terms?

A person driving under the influence is often referred to as a “deuce.” Voyagerix / Shutterstock. The slang term “deuce,” which refers to someone driving under the influence, comes from California, where drunk driving was governed by Section 502 of the California Vehicle Code.

Is the Hawaii State Police Book’em, Danno?

Book ‘Em, Danno! Five-0, the elite crime-fighting branch of the Hawaii State Police, does not exist and never did except in the imagination of its creator, Hollywood producer Leonard Freeman, and in the fantasies of his stable of writers. I was one of those writers for six years of my life.

Who was the real star of Book’em, Danno?

Jack Lord was the star of the original show (although some would argue that his hair was the real star). Born John Joseph Patrick Ryan, he was a well-rounded kid, with early skills in painting, horseback riding and football – the last of which earned him a scholarship to NYU.

Who was the boss of 5-0 in New York?

Jack Lord was signed to play Steve McGarrett, the boss of 5-0. In New York, Jack had been a graphic artist who went onstage one night to substitute for a sick friend. After that he took acting lessons at a prestigious drama school where the teacher told him, “You’ll never be an actor; you can only be a star.”

How many episodes of Once Upon a Time was Danno in?

MacArthur played the role for the rest of the first eleven seasons, appearing in 268 episodes. The only episode of the first eleven seasons, other than “Cocoon”, that MacArthur did not appear in, was ” Once Upon a Time: Part 2 “.