Who were the northeast Indian tribes?

Here is a list of the Northeast Indian Tribes:

  • Abenaki.
  • Algonquin.
  • Cayuga.
  • Chippewa.
  • Illinois Confederacy.
  • Iroquois Confederacy.
  • Kickapoo.
  • Lenape.

What are the 3 main tribes of the coastal natives?

These highly stratified societies also had three main divisions: chiefly elites, commoners, and slaves or war captives. Learn more about the history of the Native Americans of the northern Pacific Coast.

How many tribes are on the East Coast?

The Eastern Region encompasses a dynamic and diverse mix of Tribes and natural resources. There are over 62,000 Tribal Members that make up the 34 Tribes under the Eastern Region’s jurisdiction. The service area includes 460,980 acres held in trust, and 102,677 acres of restricted lands.

What are the 4 major Native American tribes?

Tribal group Total American Indian/Alaska Native alone
Cherokee 729,533 299,862
Navajo 298,197 275,991
Latin American Indian1 180,940 106,204
Choctaw 158,774 96,901

What is the largest Native American tribe in the Pacific NW?

The Coast Salish are the largest of the southern groups. They are a loose grouping of many tribes with numerous distinct cultures and languages.

What is the largest Native American tribe?

The Navajo Nation
The Navajo Nation has by far the largest land mass of any Native American tribe in the country.

Which is the richest Native American tribe?

Shakopee Mdewakanton – Annual Revenue of $1 Billion The Shakopee Mdewakanton are the wealthiest Native American tribe, going by the individual personal wealth. They are 480 members, and each member gets around $84,000 per month, as disclosed by a tribe member going through a divorce.

Which Native American tribe lived in the eastern woodlands?

The Hall of Eastern Woodlands Indians focuses on the traditional cultures of the Native American peoples, including the Iroquois, Mohegans, Ojibwas, and Crees, living in the Eastern Woodlands of North America through the early 20th century.

What are the names of all Indian tribes?

A comprehensive illustrated guide to Native Indian Tribes of America with pictures and videos. The Native Indian Tribes include the Apache, Cherokee, Cheyenne, Chinook, Comanche, Hopi and Sioux.

What are the major Indian tribes?

Some of the major tribal groups in India include Gonds, Santhals, Khasis, Angamis, Bhils, Bhutias and Great Andamanese. All these tribal people have their own culture, tradition, language and lifestyle.

Which Indian tribes are from the southeast of the US?

Perhaps the most familiar of the Southeastern Indigenous peoples are the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole , sometimes called the Five Civilized Tribes, some of whom spoke a variant of the Muskogean language.

What is the largest Indian tribe in North America?

The Navajo Indians are the largest federally recognized Native American Indian tribe in the United States. Their reservation is spread out through out the four corners of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado.