Who won fencing in 2016 Olympics?

Daniele Garozzo
Olympic Fencing 2016: Medal Winners and Scores After Sunday’s Results. Italy’s Daniele Garozzo beat the United States’ Alexander Massialas 15-11 to take the gold medal in the 2016 Olympic fencing men’s individual foil final in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday.

Who won the 800m and 1500m gold at the 2016 Summer Olympics?

Matthew Centrowitz, Jr.
Forty-two athletes from 26 nations competed. The event was won by Matthew Centrowitz, Jr. of the United States, the nation’s first title in the event since 1908 and third overall….Athletics at the 2016 Summer Olympics – Men’s 1500 metres.

Athletics at the 2016 Summer Olympics
400 m men women
800 m men women
1500 m men women
5000 m men women

What country won the 2016 Olympics?

Host country Brazil won seven gold medals, their most at any single Summer Olympics….2016 Summer Olympics medal table.

2016 Summer Olympics medals
Location Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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What is the world record 1600m?

The current mile world record holders are Hicham El Guerrouj of Morocco with a time of 3:43.13, and Sifan Hassan of The Netherlands with the women’s record of 4:12.33.

How many medals won in 2016 Olympics?

This year, there will be 306 sets of medals to be won from 28 different sports genres….Rio Olympics 2016 – Medals Tally.

Country United States
Gold 46
Silver 37
Bronze 38
Total 121

Where did the 2016 Summer Olympics take place?

2016 Summer Olympics bidding results; City NOC: Round 1: Round 2: Round 3: Rio de Janeiro Brazil: 26 46: 66: Madrid Spain: 28: 29 32 Tokyo Japan: 22 20 — Chicago United States: 18 — —

Who was eliminated from the Olympics in 2016?

Chicago and Tokyo were eliminated after the first and second rounds of voting, respectively, while Rio de Janeiro took a significant lead over Madrid heading into the final round. The lead held and Rio de Janeiro was announced as host of 2016 Summer Olympics.

How many athletes took part in the 2016 Olympics?

More than 11,000 athletes from 207 nations took part in the 2016 Games, including first-time entrants Kosovo, South Sudan, and the Refugee Olympic Team. With 306 sets of medals, the games featured 28 Olympic sports, including rugby sevens and golf, which were added to the Olympic program in 2009.

Who was the winner of the women’s 200m at the Olympics?

Britain’s Dina Asher-Smith won the women’s 200m with ease in Florence on Thursday night, while South Africa’s Akani Simbine won the men’s 100m by a whisker.