Why did Rihanna write the song Umbrella?

Rihanna was then asked if this song was about proving protection. She replied: “An umbrella is protection, it protects you from rain. The rain in this case is negativeness and vulnerability.” In the same interview with Q, Rihanna said that she thought the weather “definitely helped the song stay there for so long.

What year was Rihanna’s song Umbrella?


Who sings the song under my umbrella?


How much money did umbrella make?

The songwriter reveals that he has earned over $15m in royalties from the hit. The-Dream has revealed that writing Rihanna’s international hit ‘Umbrella’ has earned him $15 million in royalties.

Who turned down Umbrella before Rihanna?

Britney Spears
Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’ was turned down by Britney Spears – The Ones That Got Away: 18…

Who was umbrella originally written for?

1. ‘Umbrella’ was recorded by Rihanna but written for Britney Spears. After being in the limelight for reasons other than music, Britney Spears was ready for a comeback in 2007 and The Dream had the perfect track for her – ‘Umbrella.

Who was umbrella written for?

Why did Britney Spears rejected umbrella?

“Umbrella,” composed by The-Dream, Tricky Stewart, Kuk Harrell and Jay Z, was written for Britney Spears, but her record label reportedly rejected it because they felt she already had enough material for her album at the time. Spears also passed on “Telephone,” which Lady Gaga had offered to her.

Did Britney Spears write umbrella?

The song was written with American pop singer Britney Spears in mind, whom Stewart had previously worked with on her 2003 single “Me Against the Music”. Stewart and Nash thought that Spears, who had “her personal life a little out of control” at the time, needed a hit as a musical comeback.

Why do umbrellas break so easily?

Umbrellas suffer from a variety of injuries during the rainy season. First off, the metal ribs that hold the umbrella fabric in place aren’t always strong enough. They’re joined with intricate metal parts that have to handle a lot of grief from the elements. It doesn’t take much for things to strain and break apart.

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When did Rihanna’s Umbrella music video come out?

The accompanying music video, directed by Chris Applebaum, was released on May 11, 2007. In 2008, “Umbrella” won a Grammy for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration, and was nominated for Record of the Year and Song of the Year. It won two MTV Music Video awards in 2007, but was nominated for three.

When did umbrella come out in the UK?

“Umbrella” stayed on top of the UK Singles Chart for 10 consecutive weeks, longer than any other single that decade. The single remained at the top of the US Billboard Hot 100 for seven consecutive weeks. The accompanying music video, directed by Chris Applebaum, was released on May 11, 2007.

Why did the-dream write the song Umbrella?

The-Dream said to Billboard about the inspiration to write this song, “I felt in my heart at the time that I needed a friend like this. I wanted to also be that person for someone else. It took maybe 15 minutes to get out the song, it began like a rap freestyle and it just never stopped pouring, metaphor after metaphor.”

Who is the singer of Umbrella by Mary J Blige?

This song is number 412 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. Mary J. Blige revealed in an interview that this song was actually written by The-Dream and Tricky Stewart for her: