Why do I itch and scratchy?

The names “Itchy” and “Scratchy” were inspired by Pixie and Dixie, which was a segment on the cartoon show The Huckleberry Hound Show. The comic strip Squeak the Mouse is also considered as an apparent inspiration for the characters.

What episode does scratchy kills itchy?

“Burning Down the Mouse” is an episode of The Itchy & Scratchy Show. Bart and Lisa are very excited to see this cartoon. Before it starts, Lisa says, “It’s the one where Scratchy finally gets Itchy!”

Which Simpsons episodes have itchy and scratchy?

The Simpsons: The 10 Best Episodes Of Itchy & Scratchy

  1. 1 The Un-Natural. The Itchy & Scratchy episode “The Un-Natural” is more than just mindless violence.
  2. 2 Little Barbershop of Horrors.
  3. 3 Bleeder of the Pack.
  4. 4 Reservoir Cats.
  5. 5 Esophagus Now.
  6. 6 Four Funerals and a Wedding.
  7. 7 Cat Splat Fever.
  8. 8 Aaahhh!

Who saves Itchy and Scratchy?

Itchy and Scratchy Studios is currently run by Roger Meyers, Jr. (born 26 January, 1936), the son of the cartoon’s “creator.” Itchy and Scratchy Studios was bankrupted after being sued by Lampwick for $800 billion, but was saved after receiving a large cash settlement from the government over its use of Mr. ZIP.

Does scratchy ever get itchy?

Despite usually being depicted as kind in nature, Scratchy is relentlessly attacked by Itchy the mouse. In almost every episode, Scratchy is brutally hurt and usually killed by Itchy….Scratchy.

Gender: Male ♂
First Appearance: “The Bart Simpson Show”
Voiced by: Harry Shearer

Has scratchy beat itch?

Itchy is the cartoon mouse from Itchy & Scratchy. He is a serial killer whose favorite victim is Scratchy. He almost always succeeds in killing Scratchy. There is only one known episode where Scratchy defeats him.

What’s Marge’s natural hair Colour?

Marge has admitted that her hair is not really blue but is, in fact, gray.

How many episodes of Itchy and Scratchy are there?

The Itchy & Scratchy Show/Number of episodes

What episode does Itchy and Scratchy get sued?

Lampwick sues Itchy & Scratchy Studios for stealing his idea….The Day the Violence Died.

“The Day the Violence Died”
Directed by Wes Archer
Written by John Swartzwelder
Production code 3F16
Original air date March 17, 1996

What kind of cartoons are itchy and Scratchy?

Itchy & Scratchy cartoons in general are most likely a spoof of Tom and Jerry, but the individual cartoon shorts often spoof particular topics of their own. Episodes from Seasons 1-18 are in full screen. ” Aaahhh! Wilderness! ” Ah, Wilderness! ” Ain’t I a Stinger? ” Ain’t I a stinker? ” Deaf Comedy Blam! ”

What’s the synopsis for Itchy and Scratchy?

Synopsis: In black-and-white footage, Scratchy is led though a crowd à la Lee Harvey Oswald. Itchy leaps out and shoots Scratchy à la Jack Ruby. Itchy leaps out and shoots Scratchy à la Jack Ruby. We hear someone say “Oh my, God!

What was the production code for Itchy and Scratchy?

Itchy shoots the arrow and it hits the apple. As Scratchy feels relieved, the arrow is revealed to have pierced a tank of carbonic acid which falls on Scratchy, who is burned to the bones. Synopsis: The episode’s production code is 2F09 and it is referenced by Doug during a question to June Bellamy at a Q&A panel.

What happens to Itchy and Scratchy in the Simpsons?

Synopsis: Scratchy chases Itchy with an ax until Itchy stops and shows Scratchy a picture of a female cat, which makes Scratchy distracted by the picture and, while getting distracted, Itchy puts a stick of dynamite inside Scratchy’s mouth and it explodes, which makes Scratchy’s head to be beheaded. Simpsons Short: Simpson Xmas