Why is it called the oche in darts?

WHERE DOES THE WORD OCHE ORIGINATE? ‘Oche’ as a word meaning the throwing line that a dart player stands behind to throw his or her darts is comparatively recent, being introduced by the British Darts Organisation in the mid-1970s. The actual word is believed to be derived from Old Flemish meaning a ‘notch’ or ‘nick’.

Where do you stand on the oche?

The oche /ˈɒki/, also the throw line or toe line, in the game of darts is the line behind which the throwing player must stand.

How far should the Oche be from the dartboard?

7 feet 9.25inches
Standard height from the floor to the bullseye on the dartboard is 5 feet 8 inches, while the oche (distance between the front of the board and the toeline) should measure 7 feet 9.25inches.

How big is the oche in darts?

Oche. The oche is the line behind which the throwing player stands. It is 25mm high and 915mm long and placed in a position where the minimum throwing distance measured from the rear of the raised oche is 2.37m along the floor to a plumb line at the face of the dartboard.

Do darts players still drink?

Do Professional Darts Players Drink Most professional darts players in the modern game do tend to drink alcohol. There are some exceptions of course but there are countless stories and reports of players drinking in the player’s lounge before games and during intermissions.

How far do darts players stand?

The oche (the regulation dartboard distance from the front of the board to the your toeline as you stand to throw) should measure 7 feet 9.25 inches (237 cm). For a standing darts player both feet must behind the oche line.

What is a triple 20 in darts called?

Big Fish A score of 170 to end a leg (triple-20, triple-20, inner bull) (See also: Maximum check-out) Bounce out. When a dart bounces back off the board, usually after hitting a wire. Break.

Does the BDO darts still exist?

The British Darts Organisation (BDO) was a darts organisation founded on 7 January 1973 by Olly Croft. Made up of 66 member counties, it oversaw professional, semi-professional and amateur darts competitions in Britain. The BDO subsequently went into liquidation in September 2020.

Does alcohol make you better at darts?

Many studies have shown that even low levels of alcohol can impair motor skills and spatial reasoning. But the effects of nervousness and alcohol withdrawal can be far worse, especially in a game like darts. “For some people, low levels of alcohol improve performance of tasks.

What should be the distance of the oche in darts?

In decent darts venues the oche will be a raised board so that a throwing player can’t overstep the line. All measurements should be to the foot of the oche board.

How does a throwing player stand on the oche?

The throwing player must stand so that no portion of either foot extends past the edge of the oche closest to the dartboard. One or both feet may touch any other portion, and the player may lean forward over the oche if desired.

What is the distance from the Bull’s Eye to the oche?

The diagonal distance from the bull’s eye to the oche, 9 ft 7 3⁄8 in (2.931 m), may also be used. In soft tipped darts, the horizontal distance is 8 feet (2.4384m), as set by the National Dart Association. This was the original distance first standardized by the British Darts Organisation for all darts.

How tall is the front edge of a darts board?

The front edge of a darts board should be placed 7ft 9 1/4in (2.37 m) from the oche.