Why is it titled dekada 70?

Pronounced Dekada Sitenta, this Filipino novel was written in The ’80s by author Lualhati Bautista, depicting the struggles of a typical Filipino family trying to survive the Martial Law regime under the dictator Ferdinand Marcos, which defined most of The ’70s in the Philippines, for which the novel is named.

What is the summary of dekada 70?

In the Philippines, Amanda (Vilma Santos) and Julian (Christopher De Leon) are doing their best to rear their five sons during the repressive dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos. Though the parents view themselves as apolitical, most of their sons bristle at life under martial law and turn to various forms of activism — or to simple teenage rebellion — for release. After the family becomes the victim of extremist violence, Amanda begins to find her own dissident voice.
Dekada ’70/Film synopsis

What is the theme of the story dekada 70?

Dekada ’70 tells of how under hate, greed and corruption, one normal person transcends beyond right and wrong: instead learns that it is freedom that entails survival.

Is dekada 70 a true story?

The musical (and the novel it is based on) tells the story of Amanda, a mother of five boys, and how her family gets caught in the middle of the tumultuous decade. It’s a deeply personal story, but it points to the bigger issues that plagued the nation.

Who is Amanda Bartolome in dekada 70?

Vilma Santos
Dekada 70 journeys with the central character Amanda Bartolome (Vilma Santos), the reticent wife of an alpha-male husband, and the worrying mother of a boisterous all-male brood.

Who wrote dekada 70?

Lualhati Bautista
Dekada ’70/Screenplay

Who died at the end of dekada 70?

John Wayne Sace as Benjamin “Bingo” Bartolome – the youngest of the children. He remains calm during the 70s. Jhong Hilario as Willy – Jules’ best friend and activist. He was killed by torturers in 1972.

What was the setting of dekada 70?

Despite being adapted from a book, Dekada ’70 captures the essence and theme of the original work. This film has a roster of high profile stars, and is set in a recreated backdrop of Philippines in the seventies.

How did Marcos declare martial law?

Marcos administration. At 7:17 pm on September 23, 1972, President Ferdinand Marcos announced that he had placed the entirety of the Philippines under martial law, through Presidential Proclamation № 1081, which was dated September 21, 1972.

When was dekada 70 published?

Dekada ’70/Originally published
Lualhati Bautista’s Dekada ’70 (1983) is a mainstay of Philippine high school reading. It tells the story of Amanda Bartolome and her five sons during the titular decade as they live under the shadow of Martial Law.

How long did martial law last?

This 14-year period in Philippine history is remembered for the administration’s record of human rights abuses, particularly targeting political opponents, student activists, journalists, religious workers, farmers, and others who fought against the Marcos dictatorship.