Why is Michael Learns To Rock?

The name ‘€œMichael Learns To Rock’€ was based on the trend of band names in the 80s and connected to Michael Jackson, the late king of pop. ‘€œWhen we started in 1988, bands like Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Johnny Hates Jazz were very popular because they were cool names.

What country is Michael Learns To Rock?

Aarhus, Denmark
Michael Learns to Rock/Origin

Is Michael Learns To Rock still alive?

MLTR has earned Gold and Platinum status for records in many countries and won many awards, including the Gold Preis Award from RSH, Germany and “The Best Performing Act of the Year” at the SEA Grammy Awards in Singapore….

Michael Learns to Rock
Years active 1988–present

What is the real name of Michael Learns To Rock?

Jascha RichterKeyboard instrument
Søren MadsenKåre Wanscher
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Who are the members of Michael Learns To Rock?

Why did Soren Madsen leave MLTR?

Soren Madsen in 2000 decided that he is to pursue a solo career therefore left the band. The three members then gave themselves the challenge of pursuing a sound different to the previous albums.

Who is the vocalist of Michael Learns To Rock?

Jascha Richter
Michael Learns to Rock/Singers
Jascha Richter (born 24 June 1963) is a Danish-American singer-songwriter best known as the lead vocalist and keyboardist of the soft rock band Michael Learns to Rock, where he composes and sings most of their songs.

When did Michael Learns to rock come out?

Michael Learns to Rock is the eponymous debut album of the Danish soft rock and pop rock band Michael Learns to Rock. The album was released in September 1991 through Medley Records in Denmark. It sold 180,000 copies in Scandinavia, and 250,000 copies in the rest of the world.

What did Michael Learns to rock do in Denmark?

Michael Learns to Rock continued playing live throughout Jutland and recording material in order to attract the attention of Danish record labels. One of these efforts included the band contributing four tracks for the double album Secrets, a record organised by the Danish Rock Council to create interest in four talented but ‘secret’ new bands.

Who was the drummer for Michael Learns to rock?

The beginnings — Michael Learns to Rock (1988–1992) In 1988, singer Jascha Richter with the intent of forming a band to perform his songs, asked his high school friend and drummer Kåre Wanscher in Aarhus, Denmark to perform with him.

When did Michael Learns to Rock perform in Cambodia?

Michael Learns to Rock were also the first international act to have performed in Cambodia when they played a show (that was also televised live) in front of 700 fans in CTN’s Studio One in Phnom Penh in October 2005.