Why is Pfannenstiel incision preferred?

It is often used in preference to other incision types for the sake of aesthetics, because the scar will be hidden by the pubic hair. The incision does not distort the belly button and heals faster than the traditional vertical incision.

How long is Pfannenstiel incision?

The Pfannenstiel incision is a transverse skin incision, two finger-breadths above the symphysis pubis, which is extended in the direction of the anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) and ends 2–3 cm medial to ASIS on both sides (4).

When is Pfannenstiel incision used?

A Pfannenstiel incision is commonly performed for routine primary or repeat cesarean delivery or may be used for nonobstetric abdominal hysterectomy.

What is the preferred type of uterine incision for cesarean delivery?

Historically, the midline vertical skin incision was the preferred incision for cesarean section because of the speed and ease of entry into the peritoneal cavity with minimal dissection required. Vertical incisions remain useful in situations where access high on the uterus is needed.

Is vertical or horizontal incision better?

The reason for the differences between the two is that patients with vertical uterine incisions have a much higher chance of rupturing the uterus (8% to 10%) in the future pregnancies, compared to only 1% in those with horizontal incisions.

What layer is missing during the Pfannenstiel incision?

Pfannenstiel (suprapubic incision): This transverse, slightly convex cut transects the linea alba and anterior layer of the rectus sheath at the pubic hairline.

What suture is used to close the fascia?

Nonabsorbable sutures are used in fascial closure. The surgeon pulls apart the fascial layer with two clamps. A looped synthetic material known as polydioxanone (PDS) is used for suturing.

Are C-section scars vertical or horizontal?

There are two types of incisions a surgeon may use during a C-section: vertical and horizontal. Both incisions are equally likely to scar, but the scar will look different depending on its direction. On the other hand, horizontal incisions are more common in planned C-sections.

Which is better horizontal or vertical C-section?

Is C-section incision horizontal or vertical?

In the classical caesarean section, the incision is made vertically from just below the belly button to the top of the bikini line. In the bikini cut caesarean section, the doctor makes an incision from one side of the abdomen to the other, just above the pubic hair line.