Will Sziget 2021 be Cancelled?

2021 Sziget Festival/Date

Is Sziget a 2021?

Festival goers will have to wait until 2022 to enjoy Budapest’s iconic Sziget Festival, as organisers have just announced on Facebook that this year’s event has been cancelled.

How much does Sziget cost?

Price of the City Pass, Where to Buy: 39 EUR for 13 days: 05 – 17 August.

Is Sziget still on?

Sziget Festival will happen between 10-15 August, 2022. The first day is Wednesday and the last day is Monday (party finishes Tuesday morning).

How much is glamping at Sziget?

The glamping is sold out already anyway – but instead of paying 200 – 600 euros to stay in a glorified tent, you will be able to stay in an actual hostel.

How many days is Sziget?

Sziget Festival
Genre Rock · alternative rock · psychedelic rock · punk rock · heavy metal · pop · synthpop · reggae · hip hop · indie · world · electronic
Dates Seven days, usually starting in the first week of August
Location(s) Budapest, Hungary
Years active 1993 – present

How old do you have to be to go to Sziget?

Sziget Festival doesn’t have a minimum age, but children below 14 years old can not enter the festival site without the guidance of an adult. Children below 11 years old are allowed to enter the festival for free.

Is Sziget expensive?

Costs of Sziget Festival One beer cost about 2 euros at the festival, it’s about the same for a cold coffee as well, It’s pretty decent for a festival. Many prefer going to the supermarket close-by called ‘Auchan’ to get a cheaper meal or to buy some water. You can bring it into the festival.

Do you camp at Sziget Festival?

There are two options for camping at Sziget: you’ve got the traditional basic bring your own tent camping and glamping. The wild version is included with your entry ticket (and bloody hell it better well be for the price).

Is there camping at Sziget?

With a regular Sziget ticket, you can pitch your tent anywhere on the main festival grounds, but if you’re into a little more comfort, the campsite upgrades may be something for you. These special camping areas provide better (toilet) facilities, and sometimes even a swimming pool!

When is Sziget on the island of freedom?

#SZIGET2020 – The Island of Freedom August, 2022 en magyar Deutsch čeština Español Italiano Nederlands Pусский Slovenský Tickets FAQ Gallery Lineup Merch Explore Explore SzigetAbout SzigetPast LineupsGreen SzigetLove RevolutionOur cause: superarBudapestArt of Freedom Explore

Where can I buy Sziget tickets for my home?

Visit our Gallery for photos, our FAQ for answers (to any questions you might have about your tickets or the next Sziget!), or our Merch store to bring the Island of Freedom to your home. Sziget Store FAQ Gallery Explore Accessible Sziget

When is the Sziget Festival in hajogyari Island?

Explore SzigetAbout SzigetPast LineupsGreen SzigetLove RevolutionOur cause: superarBudapestArt of Freedom Your browser does not support the video tag. I suggest you upgrade your browser. Sziget Festival will be held in 2022 at Hajógyári Island.