Are corrugated box dimensions inside or outside?

Box dimensions are displayed as: Length x Width x Depth. Dimensions are always the inside dimensions. This also helps you to accurately determine whether your item(s) will fit. Length – As you view the base of a box, the length is the longest side.

How do you determine the size of a corrugated box sheet?

The formula used for this calculation is to measure the exterior of the box used, multiply the length times the width times the height, and then divide the result by 166. When measuring, fractions are rounded up or down to the nearest inch.

What is the size of corrugated?

The size of a corrugated box is always expressed by three dimensions: length, width, and depth, or L x W x D. Length is always the longest side of the box that has a flap. The width also has a flap, but this side is shorter than the length.

How do you find the GSM of a corrugated box?

In order to convert it to per square meter, you need to multiply the obtained weight of the specimen with 100. This will give you the weight of the sample per sq. meter. This gives you the GSM of the sample easily.

How do you check the quality of a corrugated box?

Corrugated Box Testing Methods:

  1. Bursting Strength Test.
  2. Edge Crush Test 2 Single.
  3. Water Resistance of the Gluing.
  4. Cobb Sizing Tester.
  5. Paper Grammage and Thickness.
  6. Puncture Resistance.
  7. Scuff Resistance Test.
  8. Box Compression Test.

What is Fefco?

The European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO) is a non-profit organisation representing. the interests of the industry across Europe and addressing a wide range of issues, from technical topics to economical questions.

How do you measure corrugated?

Corrugated case dimensions are stated in the order of length, width, and depth or height (L x W x H), referring to the opening of an assembled box. Usually, the length is the longer of the two sides, and the width is the shortest.

How do you calculate the weight of a corrugated sheet?

It is important to calculate the weight of the corrugated boxes in order to know the cost, the strength and to estimate the amount of weight can hold. The weight of a corrugated box is equal to the area of the sheet times the weight per cubic meter of the sheet.

What are the types of corrugated board?

Type of corrugated box. There are mainly four types of corrugated box, single-phase corrugated box, single wall corrugated box, double-wall corrugated box, triple wall corrugated box. We will have a look at the difference between them and their application in various industries.

How to measure the inside of a corrugated box?

Inside dimensions are used for measuring because the corrugated board thickness may vary. A box constructed of B flute will not have the same outer dimensions as a box made from E flute. When measuring the inside of an existing box, make sure to measure from the center of the score (the crushed fold line).

How big of a tolerance do I need for a carton?

The particular carton I am trying to apply tolerance to is a 2pc Partial Overlap Top, HSC bottom where the width panels are die cut and the other scoring off of a press and then offset stitched within the length panel for reference. I am trying to hold +/- 1/8” on all dimensions now.

How big of a tolerance do I need for RSC?

So, based in this information, it would make sense that the overall assembled dimensions (interior and exterior) should be within, and controlled by, the +/- 1/8 inch overall tolerance of the RSC or die-cut blank. One other note to toss in here.

How big of a sheet of corrugated paperboard do you need?

E-Flute: ≥ 1.6 N.m (MD) and ≥ 0.9 N.m (CD). B-Flute: ≥ 6.2 N.m (MD) and ≥ 2.9 N.m (CD).