Are Regal Boats good quality?

Regal is ranked highest in customer satisfation by both JD Power and Associates and the National Marine Manufaturers’ Association. These awards have become standard equipment on a Regal. For Regal, beauty is more that skin deep. Every boat from 1900 to 5260 goes through the same quality inspection process.

Are Regal Boats still made?

The projected economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has led leadership of Regal Boats to close its Valdosta, Georgia manufacturing facility and consolidate operations at its Orlando, Florida headquarters.

Do Regal Boats hold their value?

Pricing. Regal and Cobalt go toe-to-toe on pricing. Regal targets mid-tier customers with their pricing. However, the price of a Cobalt boat depreciates very slowly over time, meaning you’ll have a high resale or trade-in value on your boat later if you ever feel like upgrading.

How much is the Regal 36 XO?

Pricing and Specs

Price: $468,290 (with test power)
Transom Deadrise: 16 degrees
Bridge Clearance: 10’11”
Max Cabin Headroom: 6’5″
Fuel Capacity: 200 gal.

Which is a better boat Sea Ray or Cobalt?

Sea Ray is more forward looking in styling and design. The Cobalt would be a good choice for a small water environment; the Sea Ray may handle better due to superior engineering. Sea Ray will be a higher demand boat and have better dealer service.

What is the saying about owning a boat?

“A boat is a hole in the water you throw money into.” “The two happiest days in a sailor’s life are the day he buys a boat and the day he sells it.” I have a somewhat unique perspective on dispensing financial advice.

What boats does Regal make?

Regal New Boat Models

  • Bowrider. 2021 Regal. 38 SAV. View Details.
  • Express Cruiser. 2021 Regal. 38 XO. View Details.
  • Motor Yachts. 2021 Regal. 42 FXO. View Details.
  • Cruisers. 2021 Regal. 42 FXO.
  • Cuddy Cabin. 2021 Regal. 38 SAV.
  • Deck Boats. 2021 Regal. 26 FasDeck.
  • Ski and Wakeboard Boats. 2021 Regal. LS6 Surf.
  • Flybridge. 2021 Regal. 42 FXO.

Are Sea Ray boats worth the money?

Most owners seem to be happy with Sea Ray boats, and they generally hold up well compared to other similar brands in terms of durability. Overall, Sea Ray can be considered to be a good, reliable brand.

How much is a regal 38 XO?

The Regal 38 XO has a price in the range of $525,000.

Is Sea Ray a better boat than a Bayliner?

HUMPH Well-Known Member. Sea Ray does have a more robust hull, this is not an opinion. The finishes are better, the boat is better.