Best Alternatives to Softpedia

There are hundreds of websites on the internet which lets you download applications and software to your laptop or mobile devices for absolutely free.

One such useful website is Softpedia. The slogan of that website is “Updated one minute ago”. This website focuses on providing you downloading links of different software and applications. It also provides you with the news.

It is not the only website that you can use to download software. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the best alternatives to Softpedia which you can use to download applications on your android devices or laptop. Let us now get started.

Best Alternatives to Softpedia

We have provided all the alternatives to Softpedia below:-

FileHippo Free Download

Filehippo is one of the most popular websites which people use to download software and application.

It is a single click procedure to download any software or application from Filehippo. It was developed in 2004 and a large number of people still uses it. To download any app using Filehippo, all you need to do is type Filehippo free download and then add the name of an app.

It has a very easy to understand user interface. You can quickly start the downloading procedure by clicking on the Download button.

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Filehorse is another alternative to the Softpedia and it is pretty much similar to the Filehippo. It is a one-stop website which allows you to download software and applications without any hassle.

You can find the latest versions of software for Mac and Windows Operating systems on this website for absolutely free. All the software and applications that you will find on this website are free from Viruses, so it is safe and secure.

Major Geeks

Majorgeeks is a home-based yet popular website where you can find downloading links to thousands of software and applications.

All the apps which are uploaded on this website are tested by these professionals so they are free from any type of viruses. You will face no problems after downloading any apps from this website.

This is one of the oldest software on our list. It was made in 2001. If you are into tech tools and applications then this website is a perfect choice for you.


Softonic is another really popular website which you can use to download applications and software for different operating systems.

It is used by tons of users from all across the world. It not only provides the links to download applications but it also provides the links by which you can download the older versions of any application.

It is a very useful website for anyone who wants to download older versions of any software or application.

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CNET is one of the most reliable sources on the internet which one can use to keep a track on the latest software and applications

It is one of the best alternatives to Softpedia because it has a huge collection of applications and software. You can download all of these apps in a single click without much hassle.

It has a very clean and professional look. You can browse different categories within a few clicks. If you want to visit this website then simply click on the link which is provided below.

Software Informer

You can call Software Informer as the most popular software downloading website as it has more than 5,000,000 users from all over the world.

There are currently more than 2,624,100 different programs on this website and this number keeps increasing every day. It had a gigantic community as well. You can get many answers by joining this community.

The website has programs for almost every operating system including Android, Windows and Mac. You can visit it from the link provided below.


Filecroco is a really simple yet professional website which can be used to download programs or softwares without any kind of hassle.

The responsiveness of this site is very fast. There are thousands of software on this website which you can download by yourself.

The latest version of any software gets uploaded to this website very early which is the best thing about this website.

Wrapping Up:-

These were some of the best alternatives to Softpedia. You can use any of these websites to download software and applications directly to your android device for free.

We hope that you found this article to be useful. If you any kinds of queries then do comment them down below in the comments section.