Can I buy gasoline futures?

Gasoline Futures Exchanges You can trade Gasoline futures at New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) and Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM). NYMEX Gasoline futures prices are quoted in dollars and cents per gallon and are traded in lot sizes of 42000 gallons (1000 barrels).

What is the market price of gasoline?


Name Price Date
RBOB Gasoline 2.39 10/11/21 01:54 PM
Uranium 19.00 10/6/21 05:42 PM
Oil (Brent) 83.76 10/11/21 01:54 PM
Oil (WTI) 80.87 10/11/21 01:54 PM

What are Rbob futures?

RBOB stands for reformulated blendstock for oxygenate blending. Prices for RBOB gasoline futures logically have a high degree of correlation with crude oil since gasoline is distilled from crude. Thus, some of the global supply and demand factors for crude oil also apply to RBOB.

What will gas prices be in 2030?

Natural gas price predictions for the next 5 years World Bank expects that the natural gas price at Henry Hub will increase to $4 per MMBtu by 2030.

How do I invest in gasoline?

How to invest in natural gas

  1. Invest in natural gas ETFs. Exchange-traded funds are a way of investing your money in a wider selection of assets rather than trusting just a few firms.
  2. Buy MLP stocks.
  3. Buy shares in natural gas companies.
  4. Buy natural gas futures.

How do you hedge gasoline?

Businesses that need to buy significant quantities of gasoline can hedge against rising gasoline price by taking up a position in the gasoline futures market. These companies can employ what is known as a long hedge to secure a purchase price for a supply of gasoline that they will require sometime in the future.

Who sets the price of gasoline?

U.S crude oil prices are determined by global fundamentals, including supply and demand, inventories, seasonality, financial market considerations and expectations. Federal, state, and local government taxes also contribute to the retail price of gasoline.

What is the difference between CBOB and RBOB gasoline?

CBOB is a blendstock that’s combined with ethanol to get E10 gasoline. RBOB becomes reformulated gasoline (or RFG) after blending with ethanol.

Can I invest in unleaded gas futures?

To invest in unleaded gas futures you just need to locate a commodity futures broker, complete the account application and disclosure forms and fund the account with enough money to cover the margin requirements. Before committing money to buying a high risk futures contract, it is important to understand how a gasoline futures contract functions.

What does ‘unleaded’ gas still mean?

Gasoline is the fuel in your engine that provides the power needed to make your car move. As automobile engine technology develops, so too does the fuel you use to power it. Nowadays, virtually every car on the road is powered by unleaded gasoline. Simply put, unleaded fuel is gasoline that has no lead additives.

When was unleaded gas first introduced?

Unleaded gasoline was introduced in the 1970s when health problems from lead became apparent. In the United States, leaded gasoline for use in on-road vehicles was completely phased out as of January 1, 1996. Most other countries have also stopped using leaded gasoline in vehicles. Retail gasoline is now usually sold in three grades of gasoline.