Can you cast a shimano TLD 15?

Wanted one of these reels for a long time. Be aware: These reels are fantastic for fighting a large fish and I love the lever drag. Now it’s very difficult to cast.

Can you cast a Shimano TLD 25?

tld 25 is NO CASTING reel,it is a catching reel..

How much drag does a TLD 20 have?


Price 169.99
Ball Bearings 4 A-RB
Reel Weight 23.6 oz
Capacity Mono 20 lb/700 yd, 30 lb/450 yd, 40 lb/330 yd; Braid 50 lb/820 yd, 65 lb/745 yd, 80 lb/660 yd
Max Drag 23 at full w/freespool 17 at strike w/freespool

How much line does a TLD 25 hold?


Price 189.99
Ball Bearings 4 A-RB
Reel Weight 24.5 oz
Capacity Mono 30 lb/600 yd, 40 lb/450 yd, 50 lb/350 yd; Braid 50 lb/1015 yd, 65 lb/980 yd, 80 lb/845 yd.
Max Drag 22 at full w/freespool 17 at strike w/freespool

How much line does a TLD 15 hold?

The TLD 15 is rated for 20-30lb test line and can handle many species from Striped Bass to School Tuna.

Where are Shimano TLD reels made?

Shimano TLD 20 BC Fishing Reel Made in Japan.

Is Star Drag better than lever drag?

The star drag is used to progressively tighten the drag, some will have a ratchet system and some will not, they will just tighten the drag quietly….In Conclusion.

Best For Star Drag Lever Drag
30 lbs and Over Inferior Superior
Castability Superior Inferior
Drag Adjustment Inferior Superior

Can you cast a lever drag reel?

If you can cast a star drag (correctly), you can cast a lever drag. Do some reels cast better than others? Absolutely. But if you learn the right way to do it, it’s the same.

What does a star drag do?

It allows the fish to pull line from the reel while under tension, alleviating the extreme pressures on the line, the rod and the angler. The secondary purpose of the drag system is to allow the fish to wear itself out.