Can you swim in tropical north Queensland?

One of the great things about Tropical North Queensland’s warm climate is that swimming is an all-year-round activity. And the region is blessed with countless stunning swimming holes where you can take a dip in fresh crystalline water.

What beaches Can you swim at Northern Queensland?

Swim only at beaches patrolled by a lifeguard and between the flags or in the stinger nets during the summer months.

  • Palm Cove. Palm Cove at sunrise.
  • Ellis Beach. Ellis Beach.
  • Machans Beach. Late afternoon along the O’shea Esplanade at Machans Beach.
  • Trinity Beach. A local favourite.
  • Holloways Beach.

Can you swim in north Queensland beaches?

Queensland’s beaches are great places to swim and surf, but be aware that sharks inhabit our coastline as well as estuaries, rivers, creeks, canals and streams. We recommend you swim between the flags at patrolled beaches that have shark control equipment in place.

Is it safe to swim in North Queensland?

The most important advice is not to be afraid of swimming at Tropical North Queensland’s gorgeous beaches. Fatal stings are very rare and it’s easy to stay safe by following these simple precautions. Current local beach conditions can be found on the Surf Life Saving North Queensland website.

Where can you not swim in Queensland?

Tropical North Queensland, home to some of the most dangerous creatures on the planet, yep that’s right – the planet! When you’re walking on the pristine beaches up in Far North Queensland (FNQ) you will notice that no one is swimming in the water.

What time of year can you swim in North Queensland?

Between the months of October and May-ish, anywhere north of about Gladstone in Queensland, box jellyfish are prevalent close to the shore. So, if you are planning to swim in the ocean, it is important to swim inside specially designed stinger enclosures, which are located at some of the more popular beaches.

Are there crocodiles at Trinity Beach?

There are crocs in the far north and yes one was spotted at trinity beach but to put things in to perspective you have got more chance of being hit on the head from a falling coconut than you have of even seeing a croc. Trinity is the best swimming beach in Cairns and the most beautiful too.

Where can I swim in North Queensland?

Dive into Tropical North Queensland’s swimming holes

  • Stoney Creek Falls. Old Weir Falls at Stoney Creek. Old Weir Falls at Stoney Creek.
  • Musgravea Trail. Hidden swimming hole on the Musgravea Track.
  • Josephine Falls. Josephine Falls from the lookout.
  • Cardwell Spa Pool. The Cardwell Spa Pool is an easy 8km ride from Cardwell.

What is the best time to visit North Queensland?

May – October The most popular time to visit Queensland’s tropics, the dry season is a delightful time filled with warm, sunny days and cooler evenings. The water hovers around the 25°C mark, the perfect temperature for swimming and snorkelling.

When should I go to North Queensland?

Tropical North Queensland, or the regions of Cairns, Port Douglas and Palm Cove, are hot and humid year-round and temperatures averaging around 31°C. Cairns’ rainy season is from November to April; this is when you will get near- daily rainfall but far fewer tourists on your day trips.

Can you swim in the water at Trinity Beach?

The beach is very safe for swimming and like all Aussie beaches has lifeguards on duty and, in our tropical summer from November to May, a stinger-proof enclosure for protected swimming. The beach is a calm oasis with only non-motorised water sports permitted.

Which is the best beach to visit in Queensland?

The Tropical North Queensland beaches you need to visit. 1 The picturesque. Nudey Beach. You won’t believe your eyes upon stumbling into Nudey Beach. Considered one of the most picturesque beaches in 2 Local favourites. 3 Where the city meets the sea. 4 Wildlife sanctuary. 5 To watch the sunrise.

Which is the best tropical beach in Australia?

Fitzroy Island is 97% National Park, and home to the number one beach as voted in Australia’s Top 101 Beaches for 2018, Nudey Beach. Framed by giant granite boulders and lush tropical rainforest vegetation, the exquisite white coral sand of Nudey Beach meets warm, inviting, turquoise ocean water.

Which is the most famous tropical island in Queensland?

First up on the list is stunning Fitzroy Island, one of the most famous tropical islands located off the coast of Tropical Far North Queensland, situated right in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef.

Is the Great Barrier Reef in North Queensland?

The city is tucked between two of Tropical North Queensland’s greatest natural treasures – the marine playground of the Great Barrier Reef and the World Heritage listed Wet Tropics Rainforest, which means adventure is never far away.