Did Avril Lavigne write a song about Chad Kroeger?

Music video “Let Me Go” is a song by Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne released as the third single from her self-titled fifth studio album on October 15, 2013. It features vocals from Nickelback frontman, and Lavigne’s ex-husband, Chad Kroeger and was written by Lavigne and Kroeger along with David Hodges.

Who is Avril Lavigne’s husband?

Chad Kroegerm. 2013–2015
Deryck Whibleym. 2006–2010
Avril Lavigne/Husband

Who wrote Let Me Go Avril Lavigne?

Chad Kroeger
Avril LavigneDavid HodgesJacob KasherMatt Squire
Let Me Go/Composers

What’s going on with Avril Lavigne?

Avril is working on new music; her next album is set to come out in 2021. “Music coming soon. For sure summer.” She’s already released a song called “Flames.” Back in December 2020, Avril also posted a pic on Instagram of her in the studio along with Mod Sun and Machine Gun Kelly.

Why did Chad and Avril break up?

Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger divorced in 2015 Because of their busy lives and schedules, this might’ve also proven difficult. And Lavigne told People Kroeger helped her through her battle with Lyme disease. “He took me under his wing, he got me in the studio, he recorded me, he was very encouraging,” she stated.

Who Is Avril Lavigne dating 2020?

From collaborators to couple! Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun are dating after they worked together on “Flames,” Us Weekly confirms.

How old is Avril Lavigne now?

37 years (September 27, 1984)
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How Old Is Avril Lavigne today?

Why is Nickelback hated?

The most common narrative about why Nickelback is so hated is that they’re too commercial and mediocre. Nickelback were the kings of making mainstream hits. They were more focused on making hits than artistically good songs. They were formulaic and not genuine.

How long were Avril and Chad married?

Lavigne and Chad Kroeger of Nickleback were married She was then linked to another musician: Chad Kroeger, frontman of Nickleback. The couple got together while working on music, tying the knot in July 2013 after a year of dating. They split a little more than two years later.