Does a KC-135 have a navigator?

Some KC-135 missions require the addition of a navigator. The Air Force has a limited number of navigator suites that can be installed for unique missions. Aeromedical Evacuation Crew: A basic crew of five (two flight nurses and three medical technicians) is added for aeromedical evacuation missions.

What does the KC-135 do?

The KC-135 Stratotanker’s primary mission is to refuel long-range bombers. It also provides aerial refueling support to Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and allied aircraft.

What plane is the KC-135 based on?

The Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker is a military aerial refueling aircraft that was developed from the Boeing 367-80 prototype, alongside the Boeing 707 airliner. It is the predominant variant of the C-135 Stratolifter family of transport aircraft.

Is the KC-135 still in service?

WASHINGTON — The head of U.S. Transportation Command signaled Tuesday he is ready to support Air Force plans to start retiring some KC-135 aerial refueling tankers. Last year, after the Air Force requested the authority to retire 13 KC-135s in fiscal 2021, TRANSCOM commander Gen.

What is wrong with the KC 46?

The KC-46 has four remaining category 1 deficiencies: two involving the Remote Vision System that are expected to be resolved when a new version of the system is rolled out in 2023; a problem with the stiffness of the air refueling boom that keeps it from being able to refuel some of the planes in the service’s …

How many KC-46 will be built?

The Air Force has already accepted at least 47 KC-46s and will receive a total of 179 platforms, according to service officials and Boeing. The program is limited to 13 production lots, with the last planned procurement in 2027 and delivery in 2029.

How much does a KC-46 cost?

27 announcement of a new $275 million charge on the KC-46, Boeing has now paid as much in cost overruns for the troubled program as the U.S. Air Force invested in the tanker’s development.

Is there a KC 135rt in the Air Force?

The airframe primarily used for the most challenging of SOAR missions is not the standard KC-135R, but is the rare KC-135RT variant. Fewer of this type exist than the number of fingers on your hands, based on our research. McConnell ground crews prepare a KC-135 for a nighttime sortie.

Can a KC-135 be used for special operations?

We train above and beyond the typical KC-135 crew to be able to perform this mission and to ensure a flawless performance during the dynamic special operations missions that can require us to plan and replan in quicker intervals than you normally expect in a normal KC-135 mission.

Where can I find a KC 135 Stratotanker?

When you think of a KC-135 Stratotanker, low-level operations in total darkness and radio silence doesn’t come to mind. But for a cadre of 22nd Air Refueling Wing personnel based at McConnell AFB, this is an operational reality that they train tirelessly for. The low altitude aspect of the mission is tactically relevant for a number of reasons.

Where are the refueling ports on a KC 135R?

It also has two ground refueling ports, located in each rear wheel well so ground crews can fuel both the body tanks and wing tanks separately. Eight KC-135R aircraft are receiver-capable tankers, commonly referred to as KC-135R (RT).