Does Addison Oaks have a beach?

Offers trails, camping, picnicking, together with a beach. Visitors can also enjoy boating, the skate park, mini-golf, or the playground. Highland Oaks – located in Highland, Michigan. 302 acres with 2.5 miles of trails.

Does Addison Oaks Campground have showers?

Dump Station is large and easy to navigate. We camped at Addison Oaks County Park in a Motorhome….Top Question about Addison Oaks County Park.

Campground Details
Clean Showers
Space Between Lots Nearby
Sun & Foliage Some Shade
Tow Vehicle Parking yes

Does Addison Oaks campground have wifi?

PUBLISHED: July 17, 2014 at 9:26 a.m. | UPDATED: June 17, 2021 at 7:52 a.m. Wi-Fi hot spots are now available at Addison Oaks and Groveland Oaks campgrounds. Wireless network will be available in Section C (restroom area) at Addison Oaks and at the concession/bath house/beach area at Groveland Oaks.

How many acres is Addison Oaks?

Addison Oaks is a 1,140-acre natural oasis close to home where visitors can recreate for the day, camp under the stars or explore the park’s rich history.

Are Oakland County parks free?

Daily park entry is just $5/vehicle for Oakland County residents; non-residents pay $12. Seniors ages 62 and older, persons with disabilities, military personnel and veterans pay $4/vehicle. When contact stations are closed, visitors may purchase the daily pass at electronic pay stations at the park entrances.

How many Oakland County parks are there?

13 parks
13 parks, some with beaches, water parks and golf courses.

How much does it cost to get into Independence Oaks?

What county is Addison Township in?

Oakland County
Township of Addison/Counties

How much does it cost to get into Independence Oaks park?

Is Bloomer Park free?

Bloomer Park Location, Hours and Fees Daily admission to the park is $5. The annual park pass is $35.

Is alcohol allowed in Oakland County Parks?

No person shall possess or consume an alcoholic beverage at any time in the ORV Park, including parking lots.

Is the beach open at Independence Oaks?

The beach at Independence Oaks is closed until further notice due to a high E. coli count.