Does Jersey have good beaches?

In Jersey, you’re never more than ten minutes from the sea. So find your perfect sunbathing spot with our guide to Jersey beaches, from the golden sandy bays of the south, the Atlantic waves of the west coast and the sheltered coves and hidden rock pooling spots of the north and east.

What is the nicest beach in Jersey?

Best beaches in Jersey

  1. St Brelade’s Bay. This stunning beach in its picturesque setting is possibly the most popular destination on the island of Jersey, and it’s easy to see why.
  2. Portelet Bay.
  3. Beauport Beach.
  4. Bouley Bay.
  5. Green Island Beach.
  6. Plemont Beach.
  7. Grouville Beach.
  8. Greve de Lecq Beach.

Can you swim in Jersey beaches?

For experienced swimmers, there’s no end of spots for sea swimming on Jersey’s wild coastline. At popular family beaches like Grève de Lecq, lifeguards are on hand during the summer months to keep swimmers of all ages feeling safe in the water, so you can focus on soaking up the stunning coastal views.

How many beaches are in Jersey UK?

Your guide to every beach in Jersey: We’ll tell you about all 19 beaches in Jersey!

Is Jersey expensive to eat out?

In terms of prices, eating out in Jersey is no more expensive than London and other Western European Cities, as I said at the start, Jersey is not a budget destination but it’s not overly expensive either.

Can you swim in Jersey?

Jersey has safe beaches and bays for swimming, indoor pools and an outdoor lido at Havre des Pas. Find out everything you need to know here.

Does St Helier Jersey have a beach?

St. Helier Beach is a charming crescent of soft sand with a long pier stretching into the town’s marina. Dramatic tides and rock pools characterize the strand, which offers an unobstructed vista of Elizabeth Castle.

What is the best month to visit Jersey?

May through October has the best weather in Jersey. The best time for sunbathers is July and August, but for sightseers and for overall value, look for a trip in May, June and September through early October. Temperatures are in the 60’s°F by day and 50°F by night, plus it is quieter with tourists.

Is Jersey nice for a holiday?

Jersey, the biggest of the cluster of the Channel Islands nestled just off the coast of France is a beautiful travel destination teeming with gorgeous coastlines, picturesque harbours and bags of old-world charm.

Is the sea cold in Jersey?

The sea is cold all year round, however, from July to September the water temperature reaches 17/18 °C (62/64 °F).

Is the sea warm in Jersey?

Throughout the year, the water temperature in Jersey does not rise above 20°C and therefore is not suitable for comfortable swimming. The average water temperature in Jersey in winter reaches 10°C, in spring 11°C, in summer the average temperature rises to 17°C, and in autumn it is 16°C.

What is the best Jersey beach?

At Wildwood Beaches (, young adults can enjoy the sun, sand and surf. ” Conde Nast Traveler” called the beach the “best sports beach,” and the Marine Sciences Consortium voted the beach the best in New Jersey.

What beaches are along the Jersey Shore?

There are many inlets, bays, and barrier islands along the Jersey shore, and bay beaches mean clamer waters, less crowds, and shallow places for the little ones to swim without getting swept off their feet by the surf. Bayville and Margate are good places to find bay beaches in New Jersey.

What is the closest beach to Jersey City?

Sea Bright is the closest civilized beach to Jersey City. It is just south of Sandy Hook. After that you have Monmouth Beach and then Long Branch. I would never go to Sandy Hook on a weekend unless you love crowds and families of 12 running around. Weekdays are a bit better. Asbury Park is much improved,…

What to know about South Jersey beaches?

Barrier island beaches are flat, making them safe for surfing and boogie boarding. These beaches are famous for their velvety soft sand and family-friendly atmosphere. The barrier islands of South Jersey are bordered by the ocean to the east and the bay to the west. This means that there is a lot to do on and around the water.