Does Johnstone Supply sell to the general public?

Johnstone Supply is wholesale only and does not sell directly to homeowners. Johnstone Supply is wholesale only and does not sell directly to homeowners.

How many Johnstone Supply locations are there?

425 Johnstone locations
Today, there are over 425 Johnstone locations across the country and Canada.

Who owns Johnstone?

Neal Reynolds – President/Owner – Johnstone Supply – The Woburn Group | LinkedIn.

Do you need a license to buy HVAC parts?

Even if it were possible to get refrigerant, sellers are required to monitor sales with certified contractors. If you do not have a license, chances are you will be discovered eventually. Refrigerants require expensive and specialized equipment to put into an HVAC system and to reclaim it.

Can I buy my own HVAC unit?

While most HVAC companies will recommend a specific brand or type of AC unit, homeowners who source and install their own have the ultimate control over the process. If you find a brand that you like but your local HVAC place does not carry it, you can go DIY and still get the specific product that you want.

Does Goodman sell to the public?

As for goodman, they are sold online all the time, but you get what you pay for. Goodman will not honor the warranty on them, and good luck finding a dealer that will install it.

How much is Johnstone Supply worth?

Johnstone‚Äč Supply Reaches $2 Billion.

How much does 410a refrigerant cost?

R410A refrigerant costs $50 to $80 per pound installed or $4 to $8 per pound wholesale. Most AC units need 2 to 4 pounds to recharge the refrigerant.

How many employees does Johnstone Supply have?

2,373 employees
Based in Portland, OR, Johnstone Supply is a key player in the manufacturing industry with 2,373 employees and an annual revenue of $213.7M.

What states do not require HVAC license?

What states do not require an HVAC license? States like (but not limited to) Wyoming, Vermont, Illinois, Arizona, New York, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and Indiana don’t require technicians to have an HVAC license.

How expensive is a new AC unit?

ALBERTA. Enjoy the benefits of a new high-efficiency air conditioning unit with pricing, between $3000-$5500 throughout Alberta.