Does Kharma have a child?

According to, WWE Diva Kharma, who was on maternity leave starting last May, did not give birth to a healthy baby boy on December 31, 2011 as originally claimed. Unfortunately for her and her family, the child was stillborn and this terrible loss affected her greatly.

What happened to Karma on WWE?

Instead, the two took turns insulting Kharma and her unborn child. WWE’s time-honored tradition of allowing a heel to get one up on a Superstar leaving due to physical injury was definitely being utilized here. Kharma left the Bellas with a stern warning, got out of the ring, and walked away for a year.

Is Awesome Kong still with AEW?

All Elite Wrestling has reportedly decided to part ways with veteran female wrestler Awesome Kong after the expiration of her contract. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Dave Meltzer, AEW chose not to renew Awesome Kong’s contract, which means she is once again a free agent.

Who plays Awesome Kong?

Kia Stevens
Kia Stevens. better known by her ring names Amazing Kong and Awesome Kong. She is best known for her work in …

Who is Gail Kim married to?

Robert Irvinem. 2012
Gail Kim/Spouse

How old is WWE Mickie?

42 years (August 31, 1979)
Mickie James/Age

Why did Kharma leave WWE?

The situation with Kharma is that she was in Florida training to return, but got the knock for being out of shape, hard to work with and stubborn about suggestions of how they wanted her to change her character. She had been losing weight.

Did Awesome Kong retire?

August 28, 2021
Kia Stevens/Retired

Who did Irvine marry?

Gail Kimm. 2012
Robert Irvine/Spouse

Irvine married professional wrestler Gail Kim on 10 May 2012. The couple met on the set of Dinner: Impossible, when he came to serve VIPs for WWE’s SummerSlam.

Is Chef Irvine still married?

As of today, Robert is married to Gail Kim-Irvine, who is a retired wrestler and model. The pair met each other while Robert was working on the show ‘Dinner: Impossible. ‘

When did Kharma Stevens give birth to her baby?

WWE star Kia “Kharma” Stevens recently made a shocking and tragic admission, revealing to TMZ that she had initially lied about the birth of her baby. Despite previously having claimed to have given birth on December 31, 2011, Stevens informed TMZ that the unborn child did not actually survive the birth.

Is there an extra month of kharmaas or Malmas?

Even starting journey or travelling for the important work is not recommended. People can perform all important events or ceremonies after the end of one month’s inauspicious period during Kharmas. Adhika Maas literally means extra month, is different from Malmas or Kharmaas, it does not come every year.

When does Dhanu kharmas and Meen kharmaas occur?

, from mid-December to Mid-January is known as Dhanu Kharmas and from mid- March to mid- April is known as Meen Kharmas. Kharmas is also known as Malmas, is different from Adhika Maas. It occurs twice in a year, during the months of the transit signs Dhanu (Sagittarius) and Meena (Pisces).

When to avoid auspicious events during kharmaas?

Kharmas or Khar-maas a kind of Malmas, is an inauspicious period, one should avoid all auspicious events during Kharmaas. It occurs twice in a year for one month, during Dhanu Surya Sankranti and Meen Surya Sankranti.