Does Nokia 130 have Bluetooth?

The Nokia 130 features an MP3 player and up to 32GB expandable storage, so your music collection is always close to hand. Link up to wireless speakers with Bluetooth connectivity to bring music to any occasion.

How do I use Nokia 130?

Turn your Nokia 130 (2017) Proprietary OS on and off To turn on your phone, you need to insert your SIM and battery into your phone. Press and hold Disconnect until your phone is turned on. If you’re asked to key in your PIN, do so and press the Navigation key.

Is Nokia 130 a dual SIM?

Nokia 130 and Nokia 130 Dual Sim are Nokia-branded entry-level feature phones from HMD Global. Originally introduced September 2014 by Microsoft Mobile, the 130 supports one Mini-SIM card and 130 Dual Sim supports two Mini-SIM cards.

Can Nokia 130 receive picture messages?

The Nokia 130 uses a Mini-SIM card for the Single as well as the Dual-SIM model and has a dedicated microSDHC card slot. Even the Nokia 130 has a camera, can display images and supports GPRS as well as EDGE, it is not able to display images that were received in a MMS-messages.

How do I connect my Bluetooth headset to my Nokia 130?

Press the Navigation key.

  1. Find “Bluetooth” Press the Navigation key. Select Bluetooth.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth. Select On to turn on the function.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth visibility. Select Visibility.
  4. Pair Bluetooth device with your phone. Select Paired devices.
  5. Return to the home screen. Press Disconnect to return to the home screen.

Does Nokia 130 have call recording?

we are very glad that nokia first time included the voice “call recording” option with its new nokia 130 (2017 edition).

What size SIM card does a Nokia 130 take?


Body Dimensions 111.5 x 48.4 x 14.2 mm (4.39 x 1.91 x 0.56 in)
Weight 74 g (2.61 oz)
SIM Single SIM (Mini-SIM) or Dual SIM (Mini-SIM)

Does Nokia 130 have voice recorder?

You can use a dedicated recorder and connect it to the 3.5 mm jack of your Nokia 130 (2017). There is, for example, “Esonic Cell Phone Call Recorder” and “Smart Recorder”.

What does Eemms mean on mobile phone?

@Chumblin: It means that you have been sent a picture message (MMS) that’s incompatible with your phone settings.