Does River Run ATV Park have showers?

We provide three separate Showers Houses with hot and cold showers free of charge to our guest who may have been trail riding or just hanging out in the Neches River for a swim. In addition to the showers, we have restrooms for men and women as well.

How many acres is River Run?

2,000 acres
River Run ATV Park is located on the beautiful Neches River, west of Jacksonville, Texas and southeast of Frankston, Texas. The guests of River Run enjoy exploring on over 2,000 acres of private land.

How much are the cabins at River Run ATV Park?

Cabins 1-9 have stoves….Shady Pines Cabin Rentals.

Days Price
Regular $125.00/first night; $100.00/additional night.
Event $400.00 – This price covers the entire event (NOTE: This price is for the cabin only, this price DOES NOT include your entry fee.)

How big is River Run?


Approx Size 2,000 acres (3 sq mi)
Elevation 290 to 350 ft.
Trail Maintenance Marked, Not Rated, Lightly Maintained
Loose Dirt Some
Hard Pack Some

Where is River Run Plantation?

On Outlander, River Run may well look like a colonial plantation in North Carolina. But it is actually filmed at a private property in Crieff, Scotland called Abercairny Estates. The location is about 60 miles north of Glasgow.

Where is the plantation house in Outlander?

Who inherits River Run?

At the end of Outlander Season 5, Episode 6, Forbes told Bonnet that “his son” is the owner of River Run. Why would he do such a thing? What an episode of Outlander Season 5! Just before Jocasta’s wedding, she officially signed everything over to young Jemmy.

Does Jamie Own River Run?

The stakes got even higher when Jocasta used a party that celebrated Jamie, Claire, and Young Ian’s arrival to announce that she was naming Jamie as her heir to River Run, which she just so happened to do without consulting Jamie.

Is Lallybroch a real place?

Lallybroch ( Midhope Castle) Outlander tours, Lallybroch , real life Midhope Castle , is the ancestral home of Jamie Fraser – visit the castle on our Outlander tours . Lallybroch is Midhope Castle , a 16th-century tower house of five storeys and a garret, to which has been added a later and lower wing.

Where is River Run ATV park in Jacksonville?

Welcome to River Run ATV Park. River Run ATV Park is located on the beautiful Neches River, west of Jacksonville and southeast of Frankston. The guests of River Run enjoy playing on over 2,000 acres of private land.

How much does it cost to camp at River Run?

Kids 10 and under are free entry into the campground. Dry Camping is $10 per visit. Dry Camping is considered use of your RV when parking in the designated RV Primitive Campground spots/area. Tent Camping will be no extra charge, this is included in your Campground Admission fee.

What to expect at River Run ATV park?

There was plenty of room for camping, RV hook ups, grocery stores, food trucks, showers, and porta potties. There was so many trails you could have run all day and not made all of them. There was every terrain available from rocks to mud, wooded, swampy, sand, such a variety.

Which is the best part of river run?

I ride with a big group called the Southern Mudd Junkies and River Run is the groups home park, even though most of us live several hours away. Our favorite part is the swamp trail, which consists of hard clay bottom with several DEEP hidden holes that are filled with mud.