Download YOWhatsApp APK for Android

YoWhatsapp App, you might not have heard of it but YoWhatsapp is a stunning application. Basically, it is a mod version of official WhatsApp and it was developed to offer far more than official WhatsApp. Earlier the WhatsApp policies were not so strict but with some regular updates, WhatsApp had several restrictions of its users. If you are a kind of user who needs his liberty to perform actions at least on an Android application. If you are tired of WhatsApp restrictions then YoWhatsapp is the best solution for you.

Through YoWhatsapp, you can easily enjoy all the features freely and can be as secured as you are using the official WhatsApp application. Let me tell you that YoWhatsapp is even more secure than WhatsApp. Apart from this, if you are afraid that using YoWhatsapp could lead to getting banned from using WhatsApp for a lifetime then you are wrong. YoWhatsapp is completely anti-ban and its servers are so secured to none of your data will be shared with anyone without your permission.

I hope you are now impressed with YoWhatsapp application. Now let’s have a look over the other features of YoWhatsapp.

Features of YoWhatsapp

There is a reason why I am talking about YoWhatsapp today in this article. As hundreds of mod application are available on the internet but still, I am introducing YoWhatsapp to you because it offers more than any available mod application of Whatsapp. Check the below-mentioned points.

* You can use YoWhatsapp application without any fear as it is ban proof and completely protected (already mentioned above).

* You can customize the app theme and icon too.

* You can send big videos of clips that exceed 30 MBS to your friends. Along with this, you can also send more than 10 photos at a time thus YoWhatsapp is time efficient too.

* Pre-installed App Lock allows you to add a level to your privacy. You need to look for some external App Lock from the Play Store.

* You can send messages to anyone without even saving anyone’s contact number whereas on the official WhatsApp you can’t send some any message without having them in your contact list.

* On Official WhatsApp you can’t send videos over 30 MBs but on YoWhatsApp you share videos up to 700 MBs.

* Earlier there wasn’t an option to block someone so that they can’t call you, whereas on the latest version of Yowhatsapp you have the option to block anyone from calling you, at the same time you can continue the chat conversation with the same individual whom you had blocked.

So, these were some of the features of Yowhatsapp App, if you want to experience more than what is mentioned here then you have to download Yowhatsapp Apk. Make sure you download APK file from the trusted APK providers as any random APK provider can give you the virus infected APK file and it can lead to dangerous outcomes. Apart from this if you have some queries then do let me know in the comment section below.