Have A Routine Skin Check Melbourne

A regular skin check is very important and it gives a doctor a clue of your overall health. Most people think that going to Sundoctors Australia a skin check Melbourne clinic is simply about screening for cancer but it is also about checking for skin conditions for abnormalities and the overall health of a patient. Problems simple as dehydration and as serious as liver problems through spot checks.

Skin cancer is one of the big killers in Australia where the amount of sun makes Australians more susceptible to skin cancer. The underlying cancer issues may show through on the skin via redness, itchiness, lumps and discoloration.

People have a way to ignore smaller skin problems and what tends to happen is that the conditions get worse until it requires months or years of treatment. If you have skin issues then you must get it fixed as early as possible. Because many skin conditions alter and damage the skin and make it very susceptible for further infection.

Removal Of Some Moles

Cancer screening is a big part of skin check, and the doctors offer early detection and treatment to make sure a small problem does not become life-threatening.

How Long Does It Take To Get The Results ?

Results are given quickly so that appropriate action may be taken straight away. State of art equipment is used to check for and to treat cancer and results are accurate and reliable.

If A Cancerous Mole Is Found Does It Require A Minor Surgery?

Removing suspicious mole is the best course of action or it may be examined, appropriate steps are taken to be sure they are not going to be further problems

Minor Surgery

You can deal with the entire process of skin checking and cancer removal so that you don’t pass around different buildings for male doctors and Specialists.

How Long Does The Consultation Last?

A full skin check takes half an hour but a review of any particular area may take only 15 minutes. After the appointment, all of the options are laid out to you as the process continues so that you remain in full control of your treatment.

Mole Removal

Many moles do not require removal and can be left alone on your skin without causing any problems. Sometimes moles are formed because they cause discomfortor due to other aesthetic reasons..

Moles excise due to pressure performed under local anesthetics performed in the clinic. For non-melanoma skin cancers a biopsy may be arranged and the sample may be sent to pathology to confirm the diagnosis. Once confirmed a procedure is arranged to have the skin cancer removed.

For suspected non-melanoma skin cancers, biopsy may be arranged and the sample may be sent to pathology to confirm the diagnosis. Once confirmed arrange a procedure to have the skin cancer removed.

For suspicious moles initially the moles are removed with two millimetre margin and sent to pathology for microscopic examination, if the diagnosis confirms Melanoma then a second large excision is required.

If you have any skin moles or spots that you are concerned about, make an appointment with the doctor in a Skin Care Clinic in Melbourne.