How big should a largemouth bass be to mount it?

A 21 or 22 is more of a reasonable, and catchable size. With a repo, you don’t have to catch a 23″ to mount a 23″. Good Luck in your persuit.

What measurements are needed for a bass mount?

How to Measure a Fish For a Perfect Replica Mount

  • Measure from the tip of the tail, not the fork of the tail.
  • Take the girth measurement at the widest point of the fish, which is usually right before the dorsal fin.
  • Get a quality photo of the fish so the taxidermist can replicate its color.

How much does a 14 inch largemouth bass weight?

Largemouth Bass
12 in 0.90 lb
13 in 1.16 lb
14 in 1.47 lb
15 in 1.83 lb

How much is a replica bass mount?

It’s a never-ending thing,” says Phillips, who has about 1,000 molds in his supply. His reproduction mounts cost approximately $250 for an 8-pound bass, whereas a skin mount for the same size fish is about $150. The Alabama taxidermist creates more than 1,000 replica bass mounts a year.

What is considered a big largemouth bass?

Largest Bass Caught by State

State Weight Location
Alabama 16 lbs, 8 oz Mountain View Lake
Arizona 16 lbs, 7 oz Canyon Lake
Arkansas 16 lbs, 8 oz Mallard Lake
California 21 lbs, 12 oz Lake Castaic

What is considered big for a smallmouth bass?

The heaviest reported weight for a smallmouth bass is 5.4 kg (11 lbs., 15 oz.) SIZE: The length of smallmouth bass most commonly caught is between 12 and 16 in (30.5 cm to 40.6 cm). The maximum recorded length for a smallmouth bass is 27.2 in (69 cm).

Do taxidermists use real fish?

Many people associate taxidermy exclusively with large land animals, like bears, deer and mountain lions. It’s actually possible, however, to taxidermy virtually any animal—including fish.

How old is a 19 inch largemouth bass?

For example a 19 inch fish is most likely 9 years old (27% of all 19 inch fish are 9), but could be between 6 and 13 years old.

How much does it cost to mount a 10 lb bass?

Typically, the costs for mounting fish are per inch and varies from $10 to $20. For example, to mount a fish of ten inches would cost around $150 on average. Mounting a fish is a remarkable way of paying tribute to your best catch; it needs to be hung on the wall like a trophy.

How much does it cost to mount and stuff a fish?

The cost of taxidermy depends on the fish type Warmwater fish (bass, walleye, pike, etc.): $11-$15/inch. Coldwater fish (salmon, trout, etc.): $14-$18/inch. Saltwater fish: $15-$20/inch.