How can I listen to B101 Philadelphia Online?

Listen to Philly’s B101. 1 on Download and listen to Philly’s B101. 1 on

What Philadelphia radio stations are playing Christmas music?

You can hear B101 (WBEB) at 101.1-2 FM. Greater Media, the radio group that owns WMMR, WBEN, WMGK, and the Fanatic sports-talk stations on AM and FM, has it going on 97.5-2 FM, the Fanatic’s FM HD-2 channel.

Is B101 playing Christmas music?


Does B101 have an app?

Take B101. 5 with you anywhere you go with the B101. 5 app for Apple and Android. Instantly receive an audible weather forecast and real-time traffic.

When should you play Christmas music?

Sykes suggests that the best time to approach Christmas music is one or two days before Thanksgiving. He says the music helps him get into the holiday spirit and look forward to family time.

Who won the B101 choir contest?

Indian Valley Middle School chorus
Congratulations to Indian Valley Middle School chorus! They are the 1st place winners in the B101. 1 2019 Christmas Choir Competition! They won $5,000 for the school’s choir, will have their song played on B101.

Is November too early for Christmas music?

“It’s never too early to listen to Christmas music and start decorating, especially this year. We could all use a little bit of extra cheer and joy. String your lights, drink your hot chocolate, and relax with some music while putting up your tree.” “November is perfect.

Is it OK to play Christmas music in November?

Christmas and holiday music bring joy to people and there’s no harm in starting the tradition on November 1st of each year, right after Halloween.

Why should I listen to Christmas music?

It’s for the feeling of togetherness with family, of giving — and not only giving gifts, but love and hope and joy. If Christmas music is played more often or even just earlier than December, it can emphasize these feelings at all times, instead of only around the Christmas season.

What kind of music does B101 FM play?

B101 FM is an international online radio station playing Top 40, Pop for a global audience. B101 FM are an independent station for the online generation, connecting those who already have a strong connection with Barrie, ON, Canada. I am a human and not a robot.

What kind of music is on Christmas radio?

Christmas music radio featuring your favorite holiday classics, new releases, and fun & unique channels. Contemporary Christian Music hits and Christmas favorites by Christian music artists, in a 50/50

Who are the hosts of WWBB on iHeart Radio?

Join host Lyndsey Parker (Yahoo Entertainment Music Editor/SiriusXM Volume Host) and special guests as they discuss the music, movies and pop culture of everyone’s favorite decade. If you’ve ever wanted to know about champagne, satanism, the Stonewall Uprising, chaos theory, LSD, El Nino, true crime and Rosa Parks, then look no further.