How did Josef Gabcik die?

Jozef Gabčík/Cause of death
After a six-hour gun battle, in which the Germans lost 14 and sustained wounds to 21 others, Gabčík and the others, with the exception of Kubiš, who was seriously wounded by a grenade, committed suicide before the Nazis could take them alive in the church catacombs.

Why was Reinhard Heydrich called the man with the iron heart?

The title is an acronym for Himmlers Hirn heißt Heydrich (“Himmler’s brain is called Heydrich”), a quip about Heydrich said to have circulated in Nazi Germany.

What happened to Jan Kubis?

In 1941, Kubiš was dropped into Czechoslovakia as part of Operation Anthropoid, where he died following the successful assassination of Reinhard Heydrich. His remains were buried secretly in a mass grave at the Ďáblice cemetery in Prague.

Who played Reinhard Heydrich?

Heydrich was portrayed by David Warner in the miniseries Holocaust. Warner would again play the character in the 1980s TV production Hitler’s SS: Portrait in Evil. Warner’s performance was rated as “cunning and chilling” with the Holocaust miniseries receiving several television awards.

Who were the 3 Kings in Prague?

Three Kings (Czech: Tři králové) was a Czech resistance group from 1939 to 1942. Its members were Josef Mašín (murdered by SS Einsatzgruppen on the orders of Reinhard Heydrich in 1942), Václav Morávek (killed in action in 1942), and Josef Balabán (executed in 1941).

Is a human an anthropoid?

Anthropoid means “resembling a human being”, and may refer to: Simian, monkeys and apes (anthropoids, or suborder Anthropoidea, in earlier classifications) Anthropoid apes – apes that are closely related to humans (e.g., former family Pongidae and sometimes also Hylobatidae and their extinct relatives)

Is killing Heydrich in English?

The Man with the Iron Heart/Languages

Where is Jan Kubis buried?

Ďáblice Cemetery, Prague, Czechia
Jan Kubiš/Place of burial

Where was anthropoid filmed?

The film was shot entirely in Prague during the summer of 2015, and where possible, at the actual locations of the events they depict.

Was there a Polish resistance?

The Polish resistance movement in World War II (Polski ruch oporu w czasie II wojny światowej), with the Polish Home Army at its forefront, was the largest underground resistance movement in all of occupied Europe, covering both German and Soviet zones of occupation.

Is anthropoid a suborder?