How do I change Yahoo back to English?

Change your language or location preferences in Yahoo

  1. Sign in and access your Account Info page.
  2. Click Preferences on the left.
  3. From the “Language” menu, select your desired language and region.

How do I change my settings in Yahoo?

Go to “Settings.” On the main Yahoo Mail page, look at the right side of your screen. You will see a small gear; click on “Settings” to open a new window. Edit account info. You will now see a list of items under Settings.

Where are settings in Yahoo app?

To open the Settings feature on the Yahoo Mail app, tap the menu icon in the upper right corner, scroll down, and then tap the “Settings” option; some versions of the Mail app may say “Options.” If your phone has hardware buttons, you can also pull up the menu by pressing the menu button.

How do I translate an email in Yahoo?

You can translate an entire web page by copying and pasting the URL into the field labeled “Translate this web page” on the Yahoo! Language Tools page, choosing the language from the drop-down menu, and clicking Translate. Yahoo! will display the page with all of the text translated.

Why is my Yahoo not in English?

In the Personal Info window, select Preferences. In the Preferences window, select the Language drop-down arrow, and then choose the language you want to use for your Yahoo Mail interface. Yahoo Mail also supports variants of a language (for example, U.S. English vs. Australian English).

Why is my Yahoo Mail in a different language?

Just access the “Account Information” panel in your Yahoo mail account to change the primary location and language preferences. If you are living in the US then, the default language of your Yahoo account is English. As a result, you will get all the options and other Interface elements of Yahoo Mail in English.

How do I get my Yahoo Mail back to normal?

Change Yahoo Mail to Basic It’s easy to switch your mail back to the interface you’re used to. Just click the gear icon located at the upper right corner by your name and select Settings. Then in the Settings screen, select Viewing email, then tick Basic under Mail version.

Where is the options drop-down menu on Yahoo Mail?

Go to Settings. On your main mail screen, click on the gear box at the right side to make a drop-down menu appear.

How do I translate an email?

Open an email.

  1. Open an email.
  2. Right click on any part of the message body and then select “Translate” in the context menu.
  3. Select the source language and target language into which you want to translate the text.
  4. It will be translated automatically and you can edit it using Microsoft translator.

What does Yahoo mean in Spanish?

yahoo → grosero. Synonyms for “yahoo”: yokel; rube; hick; hayseed; bumpkin; chawbacon; rustic.

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