How do I download TERA?

Download TERA tonight, play it free all weekend

  1. Log into your En Masse account on their official site .
  2. Click the Enter Code button on the right.
  3. Enter the open beta test code: TERABETA.
  4. Click the Submit button.
  5. Click the Download Game button under the Account Overview tab.
  6. This will start downloading the game launcher.

Is TERA game free?

TERA is free-to-play, with an optional premium subscription available. TERA is free-to-play, with an optional premium subscription available.

What is the size of TERA game?

You will need at least 45 GB of free disk space to install TERA. Make sure your have 55 GB of free disk space in order to install TERA. The cheapest graphics card you can play it on is an ATI Radeon HD 3870. But, according to the developers the recommended graphics card is an ATI Radeon HD 4890.

Is TERA free on PC?

In TERA, you aim, dodge, and time your attacks for an intense and rewarding tactical combat experience. TERA’s expansive content is totally free to play, from character creation all the way to level 65 and beyond. True.

Is Tera open world?

Its entirely open world, the only “borders” are the edges of each continent and the edges of the starter island. It’s an open world with some instances on it – dungeons and battlegrounds are instanced. There are mobs here and there for leveling up, but it’s mostly a themepark.

Is TERA dead?

TERA is dying and it seems like all Gameforge and Bluehole wants is the money when they can’t make the money due to the fact there’s not enough players and no one is willing to spend the money until it’s gonna be put to actually good use. We appreciate the small events, but that’s just not gonna cut it.

Is TERA still playable 2021?

They needed only to take a look at Eve Online, or any other ancient game that manages to still remain relevant because its developers keep working on it and improving it. So is Tera Online worth playing in 2021? Right now, the answer is no.

What is the release date for Tera Xbox One?

TERA is an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game). The game was developed by Bluehole Studio and initially released for Microsoft Windows PC. Soon Tera will hit the Xbox One and PS4 console on 3rd April 2018.

Is Tera good?

Tera has a really good F2P system, so you should at least try it. The combat is great. If you enjoy pvp, this game is a must. If an engaging, story rich, leveling experience is a must for you, then this might not be the game for you.

Is Tera a MMORPG?

TERA is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG from developer Bluehole Studios, and publishers En Masse Entertainment and Gameforge .