How do I get a tattoo license in Illinois?

General requirements for a tattoo artist license? Illinois requires the registration of shops and shop owners must have a permit from the Health Department, but no individual license is required. It does, however, required ALL artists to complete a OSHA-approved Bloodborne Pathogens course.

How do you become a tattoo artist in Arkansas?

The applicant shall successfully complete a Body Art written exam based on the Arkansas Department of Health Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Permanent Cosmetic and Tattoo Establishments and the law, Act 596 of 2013, and Bloodborne Pathogens Training prior to issuance of the Artist-in-Training Certificate.

How do you become a tattoo artist in Oklahoma?

Applicants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age. An artist license is only valid in a licensed facility. Applicants must submit proof of at least two (2) complete years of licensure experience as an artist from another state OR proof of completion of an approved apprenticeship.

How do I get a tattoo license in California?

To get your tattoo license in California, you must be over 18 and vaccinated against Hepatitis B. You also must complete a county-approved training course in bloodborne pathogens exposure control.

Is it illegal to tattoo without a license in Illinois?

The state of Illinois requires all tattoo artists and body piercers to receive a license from the Illinois Department of Public Health. As of January 1, 2009, tattoo artists do not need to pass any state tests to prove their competency but have to meet state health safety requirements.

Is it illegal to tattoo at home in Arkansas?

Tattooing and Body Piercing-Establishes that it is unlawful to either tattoo or pierce anyone under age 18 without the physical presence of the parent or legal guardian. Ark. Stat.

Is it illegal to own a tattoo gun without a license in Arkansas?

(e)(1) Possession of a body piercing needle, tattoo needle, or body art instrument, or a combination of these, including without limitation tattoo ink, barrel, drip, and a tattoo machine by a person within this state who is not licensed as an artist by the department is prohibited.

Do you need a license to pierce?

Tattoo and permanent cosmetic artists are required to be certified; the law addresses body piercing as a form of body art; requires an annual license fee for a tattoo, body piercing and permanent cosmetic artists/shops.

Is it illegal to tattoo at home in California?

Unlicensed or “home” tattooing is both illegal and “very dangerous,” according to the Vigo County Health Department. Despite the risks, health officials hear that the practice is happening a lot, enough that they want to raise public awareness.

What is needed to open a tattoo shop?

To run a body art tattooing business, you will need to have a valid tattoo parlour operator licence. Even if you operate your tattoo parlour from home, you must hold an operator’s licence. To apply for a NSW tattoo parlour operator licence, see here.