How do I get my elk license in Michigan?

You can purchase your elk receipt online at or at a license agent.

What are the chances of drawing an elk tag in Michigan?

2021 Elk Drawing Summary

Chances Any-Elk License Eligible Applicants Any-Elk Licenses Awarded
1 7,150 3
2 4,652 5
3 3,370 1
4 2,816 3

How many elk permits are given in Michigan?

Approximately 36,000 Michigan hunters apply annually at a chance to hunt an elk. Typically, between 100-200 elk licenses are available annually. Make a plan this fall to see part of Michigan’s history in the great wild of the Pigeon River Country State Forest.

Does Michigan have an elk season?

Elk HUNTING SEASON DATES Hunt period 3: Jan. 12-16, 2022, this hunt period will be held only if additional harvest is needed to achieve population management goals after hunt periods 1 and 2. Detailed information about elk hunting seasons, management units, hunting hours and more can be found in the Elk Digest.

How hard is it to get elk tag?

The draw procedures and application processes differ from state to state, but in a nutshell, your name goes in a hat and if it is selected, you get a tag. In really hard to draw areas (i.e., high quality), odds are often in the single digits, or even below 1%.

Where is the best elk hunting in Michigan?

Canada Creek Ranch is located in Montmorency Township, just north of Atlanta – the Elk Capitol of Michigan – we offer some of the best Elk hunting in the area. We have over 11,500 acres of forest available with a variety of oak ridges, aspen, pine and jack pine that attracts large numbers of elk each year.

What state has the cheapest elk hunting?

State by state elk hunt price breakdown
Arizona Bonus $650
Colorado Preference $629
Idaho None $416.75
Montana Bonus $851

What county in Michigan has the most elk?

Michigan’s elk herd One of Michigan’s most sought after viewing species is the elk, and Michigan’s Pigeon River Country State Forest is home to one of the largest free-roaming elk herds east of the Mississippi. About one thousand elk live in the elk range of southern Cheboygan, Otsego and Montmorency Counties.

What is the rarest bird in Michigan?

The Kirtland’s warbler is Michigan’s most unique bird because it breeds nowhere else in the world and is listed as a federally endangered species.

Is there a senior fishing license in Michigan?

The NREPA currently requires all persons 65 years of age and older who wish to fish the state’s waters to obtain fishing licenses and allows Michigan seniors to purchase a “senior restricted fishing license”, “senior all-species fishing license”, or a senior 24-hour fishing license at discounted rates.

What are Michigan fishing laws?

Michigan even has laws for shanties built for ice fishing if they aren’t removed from the ice each day — they must have the angler’s name and address written on all exterior walls, using letters at least two inches high. It is against Michigan law to interfere with an angler while fishing.

How much is a fishing license in Michigan?

As of 2019, it’s $26 for an annual license for state residents, $76 for nonresident, and $11 for senior and blind fishers. A 24-hour license is $10 for residents, $30 for nonresidents.

Where can you buy a Michigan hunting license?

To buy hunting licenses in person, visit a local Department of Natural Resources customer service center. Hunters can also buy hunting licenses at a local authorized licensing agent. To buy hunting licenses online, visit the Michigan Department of Natural Resources e-licensing system.