How do I get my old Army W-2?

If you need older tax documents, or don’t want to sign up for a myPay account, then you will have to request your old tax statements from DFAS. To get help by telephone, call: Army, Navy, Air Force (reserve, active & National Guard) W2: 888-332-7411.

Are Army W2s available?

2020 Military Tax Form Release Dates – Dates W2s, 1099s, and Other Forms Are Available on myPay. You can download your 2020 military tax forms from myPay, beginning in December 2020 through January 2021. Forms will be mailed no later than January 31, 2021.

What is W-2 Box 14 military?

What are W-2 Box 14 Codes for Defense Financing and Accounting Service? If you are a Military Servicemember or Federal civilian employee, your W-2 may contain codes and dollar numbers in Box 14. You will need to interpret them to enter them into your return.

How do I get my old military Paystubs?

For copies of an LES greater than one year old, call 888-332-7411 and choose option #2. To send your request via e-mail, please click on the askDFAS icon located in the top right hand corner of the home page. Reserve Navy Service Members: Your LES’s for the past 13 months are available on myPay.

How do I get my W-2 if myPay is down?

If you’ve separated within 13 months, you can login to your myPay account to get your W2. If you can’t access your myPay account, you can submit a tax statement request via askDFAS and we’ll mail you a hard copy.

How do I log into myPay after separation?

That’s how you’ll access your account after you leave service….Getting into myPay after you separate

  1. Select ‘Email Address’ on the main screen.
  2. Under ‘Personal Email Address,’ enter and then re-enter your personal email address.
  3. Select ‘Accept/Submit’ to save the change.

How do I get my Army taxes?

MilTax, Military OneSource’s tax service, provides online software to electronically file a federal and up to three state tax returns for free, regardless of income. Military OneSource is available online at or by calling 800-342-9647.

Can I access myPay without CAC?

As you prepare to leave service, it’s important to update to your myPay and payroll accounts so you can easily access your pay and tax information without your Common Access Card (CAC). You’ll have access to your myPay account for 13 months after you leave service.

How long does it take to get Bah back pay?

-It depends. Some receive their first pay 3 weeks into BMT, some receive it 5 weeks into BMT. Some don’t receive it at all during BMT (due to various reasons), but NOTE: Even if you don’t see money coming in for TWO MONTHS, you WILL get all of it eventually. It’s called “back pay.”

What do I need to know about the W-2 form?

The form shows an employee’s wages and taxes withheld for the year. Form W-3 (Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements) is a summary of all the W-2 forms you are submitting to the federal government. Assisted Payroll users: Assisted Payroll files Forms W-2 and W-3 on your behalf.

How do I get a W2 from DFAS?

When asked, enter your 9-digit SSN using your phone keypad. You will be asked to select a W2 from the most recent to one from the preceding 4 years. DFAS is committed to providing multiple options to help you obtain your W-2 and other tax statements.

When did QuickBooks release Form W-2 for 2014?

QuickBooks released the 2014 Form W-2 in payroll update 21501 in mid-December. Be sure you have tax table 21501 or later. Future developments. Information about any future developments affecting Forms W-2 and W-3 and their instructions (such as legislation enacted after the IRS releases forms and instructions) will be posted at

How to request tax documents for military members?

When calling the phone system, use the following when prompted by the automated system: 1 (Self-Service Support), 1 (Request Tax Documents), 2 (Military Member). When asked, enter your 9-digit SSN using your phone keypad. You will be asked to select a W2 from the most recent to one from the preceding 4 years.