How do I get row count in Crystal report?

  1. Insert into the report a field that uniquely identifies the subject of the count.
  2. Right-click the field and select Insert Summary.
  3. Select to insert a Count so as to total every constituent who has given a gift.
  4. Place the summary field in the group footer and delete or suppress the Constituent ID field on the report.

How do I count the number of groups in Crystal report?

  1. Right Click > Insert > Summary.
  2. Choose Field (I choose string value)
  3. Choose “Count” to Calculate This Summary Combo box.
  4. Choose Summary Location in Where would you like to show this total.
  5. Then OK.

How do you create a formula in Crystal Reports?

To use a formula in report:

  1. Create a new formula. Open the Field Explorer (Crystal XI: View > Field Explorer; Crystal 8.5: Insert > Field Object) Right-click on Formula Fields. Select New. Enter a name for the formula. Click OK.
  2. Use the Formula Editor to write the formula.

How use count in condition in Crystal report?

Create a running total, let’s call it ‘clear’: Fields to Summarize: {name} Type of summary: Count Evaluate: check ‘use a formula’ then ->x+2 button and enter your code: {stock} = 0 Reset: check ‘Never’, if you want to summarize it for a whole report or check ‘On change of group’ and select the group you would like to …

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How do you round off value in Crystal Report?

2 Answers. It is very simple, just select the field to which you want to show two decimal places. Right click on the field go to format field–>go to number tab –>click on customize–>then in Decimal select “1.0”.

How do you round off value in Crystal report?

How do you suppress a field in Crystal report formula?

  1. Right-click the field and select Format Field.
  2. Click X+2 next to Suppress.
  3. Enter the formula criteria to suppress (No IF-THEN statement is required) ex., {ADDRESS_FIELD}<>”Chicago”

How do I change a group name field in Crystal Reports?

You can customize the group name by going back into the Group Expert -> Select the group you want to rename and hit ‘Options’ -> Go to the ‘Options’ tab -> Select ‘Customize Group Name Field’. You can either just pick the field you want to use as the name instead or use a formula to do it.