How do I stop my natural hair from shrinkage?

8 Ways to Reduce Shrinkage on Natural Hair

  1. Experiment with bentonite clay.
  2. Or try some silicone or beeswax.
  3. Try an anti-frizz serum.
  4. Try an elongating stler.
  5. If you use gel for a wash-n-go, make sure to “break the cast”.
  6. Blow your roots.
  7. Test out some natural stretching techniques.

How do I stop my curls from shrinking?

You don’t want to weigh down your curls with too much oil or cream, but a bit of layering will help stretch each coil, which helps reduce hair shrinkage once it’s dry. Stretch your curls. Speaking of stretching, you’ll have to do a bit of manual elongating both while hair is wet and once it’s dry.

What type of natural hair shrinks the most?

It’s completely normal. Generally speaking, the tighter your coils are the more shrinkage you could experience. Those with type 4 hair will usually see the most shrinkage over those with type 3 hair. Some people have seen shrinkage of up to 75% in their natural hair!

Does shrinkage mean healthy hair?

Shrinkage is the decrease in length from when your natural hair is wet to when it dries. Not only is it completely normal, it is actually a sign of healthy hair; it shows that your hair is properly moisturized and has good elasticity.

What are Type 3 curls?

Type 3: Curly Hair Type 3 hair ranges from tight, curly tendrils to light curls. It generally has a combination of different textures. Type 3 hair types are also defined as springy curls. They have more volume as well as height at the roots than type 2 hair types, which are wavy.

What is a Type 4 hair?

Type 4 is the hair that is coiled very tightly. It is often fragile with a very high density. This type of hair shrinks when wet because it has fewer cuticle layers than other hair types. It is more susceptible to damage than other hair types.

Why is my hair shrinkage more than usual?

YOU HAVE MORE ELASTICITY: Shrinkage tends to mean that your hair has greater elasticity and doesn’t break as easily. Elasticity equates to stronger hair. SHRINKAGE IS A SIGN OF HAIR HEALTH: If you have tons of shrinkage, it’s a sign that your hair hasn’t been damaged by heat or chemical styling.

What does healthy 4B hair look like?

Type 4B hair does not have a clearly defined curl pattern, and it’s soft and fluffy. Its tight coils form a “Z” shape, and it resembles a zigzag shape with sharp angles, which makes this hair type extremely prone to dryness.

What are the 4 basic curl patterns?

A simple breakdown: Type 1s are straight, Type 2s are wavy, Type 3s are curly, and Type 4s are coily. The sub-classifications of A to C are based on the width or diameter of your wave, curl, or coil pattern. Type As have a wider pattern size, Type Bs medium, and Type Cs the smallest of the three.

What does Coily hair look like?

Coily hair, commonly referred to as Afro-textured or kinky hair, is naturally very dry and spongy in texture and can be soft and fine or coarse and wiry. Strands form very tight, small curls of zig-zags right from the scalp and are prone to major shrinkage.

What type 4 hair do I have?

Type 4 Kinky Hair: Type 4 is “kinky” or more appropriately full of tight coils (tightly curled hair). Typically, Type 4 hair is also extremely wiry and fragile. Type 4B hair has a less defined pattern of curls and looks more like a “Z” as the hair bends with very sharp angles.

What’s the best way to prevent natural hair shrinkage?

Roller sets are a common find in any curly girl’s bathroom. Because roller sets are used on wet hair that can be left to air dry, they are one of the least damaging ways to stretch out curly kinks and thus to prevent natural hair shrinkage. Make sure to comb out any knots before rolling in order to prevent a tangled mess.

What’s the best product to stretch your hair?

Here are products along with tips and tricks to help you combat that unwanted shrinkage and show off your true natural hair length. The best products to stretch your curls. This curl definer is infused with active ingredients mango and bamboo milk which are known to moisturize and elongate curls.

How big does your hair shrink when you dry it?

While the effects may not be as noticeable on certain natural hair subtypes, some women have claimed to experience shrinkage up to eight inches when their hair goes from wet to dry. Want to minimize shrinkage as much as possible?

How can I make my hair grow longer without straightening it?

Speaking of blow drying, if you want a longer look without straightening your curls in the process, a diffuser is definitely what you should attach to your dryer. Use it after your hair had air-dried halfway in order to get the best results. Test out some natural stretching techniques.