How do mercenaries work in Diablo 2?

A Hireling is a mercenary that you can hire in Diablo II. Hirelings assist the player by attacking monsters. They follow the character and stay in a fixed radius around the character. They can be killed by monsters and can use spells and skills as well.

Which Merc is the best Diablo 2?

Holy Freeze (Defence Nightmare) The most popular of all Act 2 mercenary auras for the majority of Diablo 2 character builds (but not all) and the one that many consider the Diablo 2 best merc due to the crowd control that the Holy Freeze aura provides.

What weapons can Mercs use?

Desert Mercenaries can wield Polearms, Spears, and Javelins. For armor, they may use Helms and Body Armor. Equipping the mercenary with +X to All Skills items (weapon, helmet, armor) will increase the effectiveness of his aura.

How do you revive mercenaries in Diablo 2?

You need to press ZL with the D-Pad in the corresponding direction. PC has two ways you can do this. The simplest is by holding shift + 1/2/3/4. You can also heal the mercenary by dragging and dropping a potion from the inventory onto the mercenary portrait.

What weapons can an Act 2 Merc use?

There are four weapons that are usually used on Act 2 mercenaries. The Runeword item, Insight, Infinity, Pride, and unique item, The Reaper’s Toll. Among these items, Infinity and Pride need expensive runes, so it wouldn’t be easy to use them early.

What Merc is Bowazon?

The two best mercs are A1 Cold Rogue with Faith, or A2 Might Guard with Pride. I’m genuinely not sure which is better, but I think it may come down to your attack speed breakpoints.

How do you make Lem runes?

Lem is a rune in Diablo II. Three Fal runes and one Flawed Ruby are needed to create one Lem through the Horadric Cube (this does not work on regular Lem is needed in eight Rune Words.

Who are the best mercenaries in Diablo 2?

The most popular Mercs are the ones from Act II (Desert Mercenaries) who provide a Paladin aura. They are also strong melee characters Can’t hire mercs in Act IV, but Tyrael can resurrect for you.

How are mercs to hire listed in Diablo 2?

When you are being shown mercs to hire, the game lists the merc’s name and type, along with cost, defense & life. The defense shown is the base defense WITHOUT the dexterity bonus. Once you have purchased the merc, you will immediately see that the listed defense is higher than that which was shown. Thanks to Badf00d for this info.

Where do you get mercenaries in Act 2?

Desert Mercenary. The Hirelings of Act II are available from Greiz in Lut Gholein. They are melee attackers and use spears/javelins or polearms to great effect. These mercs are the most popular hires in the game, since they come with various auras that can greatly benefit their employer.

Can a Merc die from a poison in Diablo 2?

Mercs can die from poisons unlike characters who stay at 1 HP You can give them potions or heal them on the town’s healer together with you Mercs can be equipped with Items. They only have Weapon, helm and armor slots though Ethereal items do not lose durability when worn by a Merc. Makes them the perfect equipment for a merc