How do you address aunt in Korean?

If you are calling for maternal aunt, or your mother’s sister, you would say 이모, [yee-moh]. However, if you are to call your father’s sister, you would say, 고모 [goh-moh].

What do you call your sister’s husband in Korean?

Older sister’s husband: maehyeong (매형) Younger brother: namdongsaeng (남동생) Younger brother’s wife: jesu (제수) Younger sister: yeodongsaeng (여동생) Younger sister’s husband: maeje (매제)

What is IMO in Korean?

Gomo / Imo (고모/이모): The first term is used to talk about your father’s sister while the second one is used for your mother’s sister.

What’s the meaning of Ahjussi?

Oppa means someone (man) older than you (mostly used by girls to boys) Ahjussi means older man or mister.

What do you call your mother in law in Korean?

Family words in Korean

Korean (한국어)
mother-in-law (husband’s side) 어머님 (eomeonim)
mother-in-law (wife’s side) 장모님 (jangmonim)
brother-in-law (husband’s side) 형님 (hyeongnim) 도련님 (doryeonnim) 서방님 (seobangnim)
brother-in-law (wife’s side) 처남 (cheonam)

What does Abeoji mean?

1. 아버지 (abeoji) This is the standard word for ‘father’ in Korean. You can use this word when talking about your own father, but instead of saying ‘my father’, you should say ‘our father’, which is ‘우리 아버지 (uri abeoji)’ in Korean.

Which is the correct way to say Aunt in Korean?

There are couple of ways to say aunt in Korean, depending on which aunt you are calling for. If you are calling for maternal aunt, or your mother’s sister, you would say 이모, [yee-moh].

What do you call father in law in Korean?

If he belongs to the husband’s side, the father-in-law is called 아버님 (abeonim) or 시아버지 (siabeoji). While he is called 장인 (jangin) on the wife’s side. Just like sister in Korean, there are different terms for sister-in-law depending if she’s the older or younger sister.

Which is the correct form of the word aunt?

고모 (pronounced komo) is a general form for “aunt”. However, for people who want to know more: father’s older sister is 큰고모(big aunt); father’s younger sister is 작은고모(little aunt).

What do you call your sister in law in Korea?

For the wife’s side, the older sister-in-law is addressed as 처형 (cheohyeong) or 형님 (hyeongnim), while the younger sister-in-law is 제 (cheoje). Additionally, if you’re a guy, you can call your younger brother’s wife as 제수 (jesu) and 올케 (olke) if you’re a girl.