How do you beat the doom cannon in boom beach?

Offensive Strategy Like the Boom Cannon, the Doom Cannon fires very slowly and thus is very vulnerable to massed infantry attacks. This means Riflemen and/or Zookas or a Warrior attack will be your best chance to deal with this defense.

How much damage does a cannon do in boom beach?


Level Health Damage Per Shot
18 8,400 2,124
19 9,100 2,334
20 9,900 2,568

Do bombardiers Outrange boom cannons?

Bombardiers are similar to Zookas in the sense that they are very fragile; most defenses will be capable of defeating them in a few hits at most. Their longer range allows them to outrange Machine Guns and Cannons in addition to Flamethrowers, so none of these should be a threat unless they are poorly placed.

Which Doom games are canon?


  • Doom II.
  • Final Doom.
  • Doom 3.
  • Doom Eternal.
  • How do you destroy the shock launcher in boom beach?

    Shock Launchers are a threat to any troop composition because they will immobilize your Troops which gives other defenses more time to take them out, so it may be best to destroy Shock Launchers with Barrage or Artillery before landing your Troops.

    What is the highest level radar in boom beach?

    The maximum level of Radar you are allowed to upgrade it to at a particular HQ level is equal to the said HQ level from 1 to 20, and it is the only such building to have this trait (the Landing Craft almost shares this trait).

    Are Warriors good boom beach?

    Warriors are very effective at taking out Mortars, Rocket Launchers, and Shock Launchers as they can easily dodge their attacks and can enter their blind spots.

    How to destroy a cannon in Boom Beach?

    When Artillery and Barrages become too expensive, try using a Shock Bomb and a Flare on it to allow your Tanks to destroy it unharmed. If a Cannon is adjacent to the Headquarters, Flare your Tanks to the other side of the Headquarters, and the Tanks that are attacking the Headquarters will be outside of the Cannon’s range.

    Where can I download Boom Beach for Android?

    Below you can download Supercell’s Boom Beach. Choose the correct download for your operating system to “Storm the beach and win the day!”. Download Boom Beach for iOS Download Boom Beach for Android. Boom Beach. Supercell Storm the beach and win the day! Boom Beach is an strategic combat game where you fight a war against the evil Blackguard.

    What’s the difference between a cannon and a shock bomb?

    The Cannon is a single target defense that deals high damage to one unit but has a low rate of fire. Cannons have a moderate range. Cannons deal massive damage to one unit, so be careful of them. Take advantage of Cannons placed too close together and use a Shock Bomb on them to allow your Troops to take them out easily.

    Is the Boom Cannon the same as the rocket launcher?

    The upgrade costs of the level 14, 16, 17 and 18 Boom Cannon are the same as the upgrade costs of the level 13, 14, 15 and 16 Rocket Launcher respectively, with the exception that the resources are swapped for all levels except the first. The Boom Cannon has the most health of all the defenses.