How do you cheat in Heroes 3?

To use the following Cheat Codes, press Tab during gameplay and enter in the codes you want….Cheat Codes.

Effect Effect
nwcigotbetter Level Up for Hero
nwcmuchrejoicing Max Morale for your Hero
nwccastleanthrax Maximum Luck for your Hero
nwccoconuts Unlimited Move Points for your Hero

How do you unlock all heroes 3 campaigns?

Start the map, press TAB and then enter nwctrojanrabbit and press ENTER . You should be able to do that on each map to finish the campaign and unlock the next campaigns. There is also a saved game that can be downloaded which has all of the campaigns unlocked.

How do you beat Heroes of Might and Magic 3?

General gathering of tips and tricks.

  1. You are allowed up to 8 heroes at a time.
  2. There are two ways to build a town up.
  3. Use your non-combat spells wisely.
  4. Build up your heroes in specific ways.
  5. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each of the nine towns.
  6. Don’t operate blindly from the guide.

What should I build first in Heroes 3?


  • (Day 1) Town Hall (gives 500 extra gold per day)
  • (Day 2) Mage Guild (spellbooks to heroes; required for City Hall)
  • (Day 3) Blacksmith (First Aid Tent is useful in the beginning, but don’t buy Ammo Carts; required for City Hall)
  • (Day 4) Marketplace (has no use in the beginning; required for City Hall)

Can I play Heroes 3 online?

A NEW ONLINE MULTIPLAYER LOBBY TAILORED FOR PC Now Steamworks compatible, the PC version of Heroes® III offers an online multiplayer lobby, where you can share your experience with the Heroes® III community.

How do hackers hack games?

Memory Searching is the method malicious user hacks into game memory and revises game score or capacity of item. It’s a hacker who knows how the data in an app is used, and he changes it to the value he wants, or he fixes it.

Are there any cheat codes for Heroes 3?

Heroes III Cheat Codes nwctrojanrabbit Immediate victory, ranks you a “Cheater! nwconlyamodel Build all buildings in your castle inclu nwcavertingoureyes Hero gets 5 Archangels in each empty arm nwcfleshwound Hero gets 10 Black Knights in each empty

Are there cheat codes for Heroes of Might and Magic 3?

Codes below only work for HOMM3: The Restoration of Erathia. Cheat codes were changed with the release of each expansion pack. For Armageddon’s Blade cheat codes, click here.

What happens if you cheat in Heroes of might?

If you’re losing, surrender, don’t annoy your opponent with cheats. If you cheat, he/she will never play with you again, but otherways you can have a rematch and beat him/her for real and feel proud. Look in the bottom of the following table for some non-cheat codes.